The Steelers might be mad, but they are not stupid.

After months of offseason discord, Antonio Brown made his trade request to the Steelers official Tuesday. The team seems likely to oblige, but it is not willing to deal him just anywhere.

CBS Sports reported the Steelers would not trade the star receiver to any AFC North rival (Ravens, Browns, Bengals) or, thank goodness, the Patriots. New England clearly stands as the biggest impediment to any AFC team trying to advance to the Super Bowl, and Brown would also be the perfect fit for them.

Brown, 30, could be Randy Moss 2.0 for the Patriots. Moss had a turbulent two years with the Raiders, and the Patriots were able to get Moss, also 30 at the time, for a fourth-round pick in the 2007 draft. He proceeded to catch 23 touchdowns in the Patriots’ 16-0 season.

The Patriots lack a deep threat, and Josh Gordon’s return is murky after he was suspended over drug issues again this season. Rob Gronkowski’s future is uncertain and, even if he does return, he is not the week-in, week-out force he once was. Julian Edelman is the perfect underneath receiver for quarterback Tom Brady, and his skills would only be amplified by Brown’s arrival.

But it apparently won’t be happening. Brown has flirted with the 49ers on Instagram, and while a deal to San Francisco is far from a guarantee, a move to the NFC perhaps could be likely.

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