Horror author Stephen King talked about the similarities between a fictitious character he created more than 40 years ago and President Donald Trump in a new video that NowThis shared online Friday.

In his 1979 novel “The Dead Zone,” King imagined the political rise of “real estate con man” Greg Stillson, whom he described as “a huckster from the word go.”

“I was sort of convinced that it was possible that a politician would arise who was so outside the mainstream and so willing to say anything that he would capture the imaginations of the American people,” King explained in the clip. 

King, a fervent critic of Trump in recent years, didn’t believe he’d “necessarily predicted” Trump’s political ascent with the book, however.

“I know that American voters have always had a real attraction to outsiders with the same kind of right-wing ‘America First’ policy,” he noted. “And if that reminds people of Trump, I can’t be sorry because it was a character that I wrote. It was a boogeyman of mine and I never wanted to see him actually on the American political scene but we do seem to have a Greg Stillson as president of the United States.”

Check out the video here:

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