On the heels of releasing her latest single, “ME!”, Taylor Swift is finally back to giving interviews, this time gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly. In the piece, Swift opens up about her seventh album, which has yet to be named or released, and all the Easter egg clues about her new music she’s laid out for the many fans who have made this kind of thing their hobby.

And because Swift is nothing if not a savvy businesswoman, the cover of the story itself is basically one giant Easter egg. In it, Swift wears a denim jacket covered in enamel pins, all pointing to clues of things she likes and/or wants her fans to think about when it comes to her new album. Ahead, as fans and Twitter users scramble to identify them, ELLE.com attempts to decipher what each of the pins mean.

Number 1: Selena Gomez

The singer’s real-life BFF had to make an appearance on the jacket. (Remember when Gomez left a clue about Swift’s new album on her Instagram over a year ago???)

Numbers 2 and 10: Her real-life cats

Swift loves cats. She’s obsessed! She has three! (They’re named Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey, and Benjamin Button.) (She took home Benjamin Button after the “ME!” music video.) (They’re obviously going to be on the jacket.)

Numbers 3 and 16: TS7 vibes

Swift’s current album cycle vibe features a lot of rainbows and pastels. So she put ’em on the jacket!

Number 4: Dixie Chicks

Swift dropped an Easter egg about the Dixie Chicks into her “ME!” music video, leaving many fans wondering if there would be a collaboration on the upcoming album.

Numbers 5 and 14: Game of Thrones references

Dragons, Arya, Sansa, Daenerys. Clearly the woman loves GoT.

Numbers 6 and 9: References to her “ME!” music video and song

If you’ve watched Swift’s latest music video, these will make more sense. In the beginning of the video, Swift shouts, “Je suis calme!” and one line of the song goes, “You can’t spell awesome without me.” (Some people, like the fan in the below tweet, are also wondering if “Calm” will be the name of her next single.)

Number 7: Cats the musical

Swift is set to play Bombalurina in the upcoming film adaptation of the famous musical.

Number 8: Tombstone that reads “I tried”

Or at least that’s what this eagle-eyed fan says it reads:

Could this be a reference to Swift’s music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” where she tried to bury the old Taylor Swift? Does this pin mean she TRIED to get rid of her old self, but she just kept coming back and is now here for good??? Sure, why not.

Number 11: The cast of Friends

It’s well-known that Swift loves the television show Friends, so clearly she wants to wear all their faces on her body.

Number 12: Troye Sivan

Swift is also a fan of Australian singer Troye Sivan. He was one of the handful of people she invited on stage with her to sing during her Reputation tour.

Numbers 13 and 15: Grey’s Anatomy references

She’s also a notorious Grey’s Anatomy fan—remember her cat’s name?—so it’s no surprise she chose to feature two of the show’s leading ladies, as well as a heart with the show’s famous line, “You’re my person.”

Number 17: “Dun Dun” aka the noise from Law & Order

Swift also loves Law & Order—again, remember her other cat’s name?—so she included a cheeky pin about the show’s famous sound effect.

Number 18: Faith Hill

Swift has been a longtime fan of Faith Hill, who also happens to be married to Tim McGraw, the very man who inspired one of Swift’s first singles called, yes, “Tim McGraw.” (Here’s a video of all of them singing the song together.)

Number 19: Mister Rogers

Did Swift watch a ton of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood growing up? Does she just love Fred Rogers? Doesn’t matter, it’s still a nice pin!

Number 20: Drake

Remember that brief moment in time when people thought Swift and Drake might be dating? That was fun.

Number 21: “Track 5”

Track 5 is a bit of an inside joke between Swift and her fans, who have come to absolutely fall for track #5 on all her albums. They also tend to be extra-emotional songs. (For reference, those tracks are: “Cold as You,” “White Horse,” “Dear John,” “All Too Well,” “All You Had to Do Was Stay,” and “Delicate.”)

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