– After weeks of anticipation, The Bunny from Adam Rose’s “Rosebuds” group finally made his in-ring debut on Monday’s post-Night Of Champions edition of RAW. The Bunny teamed up with Rose to take on “The Slater Gators,” Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil. The Bunny helped lead Rose to victory in the tag-team contest. It’s also worth noting that after JBL pretended on commentary that he’d be absolutely sickened if The Bunny were to trend on Twitter, with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler egging the situation on, “#BunnyMania” ended up trending number one worldwide on Twitter during RAW.

– As seen on Monday’s RAW, there seemed to be a tease for a possible future name change for one of the Bella Twins. Since the feud began, Brie Bella has already been forced to change her entrance music. On RAW, Nikki Bella declared that from now on she wanted to be referred to as “THE Nikki Bella,” and noted that she wanted Brie Bella to drop the “Bella” name, pointing out that she was recently married and should have taken the last name of her husband as it is. Whether or not this was a throw-away comment or the beginning of a possible stipulation match that leads to a future name change for one of the Bella Twins remains to be seen.