The Chiefs hit the jackpot with Patrick Mahomes.

Soon it’ll be his turn.

The first rumblings have emerged of the riches awaiting the most exciting young quarterback in the league, and they are juicy. Sources told ESPN that the Chiefs are expected to extend their superstar after next season, and he could be looking at the NFL’s first $200 million contract.

Of course, the only number truly relevant in NFL deals is the guaranteed money, but $200 million would blow away the record $134 million deal Aaron Rodgers signed in 2018.

Mahomes, whose Chiefs host the Patriots today in the AFC Championship, couldn’t be a free agent until 2022, but Kansas City will look to lock him up long before then.

The 23-year-old has taken the league by storm in his sophomore season after watching Alex Smith all of last year. He threw for 50 touchdowns, which led the NFL, and 5,097 yards on 66 percent passing, with just 12 interceptions.

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