The only ones who care more about point spreads than gamblers are the Patriots.

New England is three-point underdogs in its AFC Championship matchup with the Chiefs, the first time in 68 Tom Brady starts that the betting public can get points by siding with the greatest quarterback of all time.

And boy do the Patriots seem to know that they aren’t being viewed as quite the juggernaut they have been in past years.

Julian Edelman is the latest to use any perceived slight against the team as fuel. The star wideout tweeted out a video Wednesday that highlighted how unstoppable the Chiefs have been this season and ended with his Patriots phrase of choice: “Bet Against Us.” And while those riled-up Patriots fans are not betting against them, Edelman would like them to buy “Bet Against Us” shirts from his website for $30. Whatever works for motivation and for his wallet.

Disrespect can be a valuable tool, if a curious one for a team that is trying to reach its third straight Super Bowl and features what is widely regarded to be the greatest quarterback-coach tandem of all time. But the public and bettors appreciating Patrick Mahomes’ record-setting offense, which put up 35.3 points per game this year, is a step too far for the Patriots.

“Everyone thinks we suck, and you know, can’t win any games. … So, we’ll see, it will be fun,” Brady told CBS immediately after beating the Chargers on Sunday — a game they were four-point favorites in.

“P.S. Still here,” came a caption from Brady’s Instagram a day later, underlining that, against all odds, the 41-year-old is still not just hanging around but hanging around the AFC Championship.

GOAT at drumming up slights, too.

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