It was 50 damn years and two days after the Jets won their one and only Super Bowl championship when Adam Gase — quarterback whisperer, friend of Peyton Manning, 23-26 as a head coach — got his day to convince the naysaying nattering nabobs of negativism that a new day has dawned, that the sun has finally set on a Buttfumbled past.

Rex Ryan promised a Super Bowl and Gase did not — and none of it matters.

Be the Good SAMaritan, and you can be everything the Jets think you are.

If Gase is who the Jets think he is, then he will teach Sam Darnold how to be the quarterback the Jets think he will be, and soon.

Be the Good SAMaritan, and you will have a chance to be everything the Jets think you are.

“There will be no playoff mandate,” CEO Christopher Johnson said. “Absolutely not. I will never do that.”

It isn’t Johnson’s style, we know that. But after 50 years and two days, after two years of rebuilding, after securing your franchise quarterback and hiring whom you believe is the right man at the right time, there should be a playoff mandate, don’t you think?

Johnson to Jets fans: “I think that they will see this, if not right now, they’ll see it pretty soon: This is a great hire. I’m not trying to win Twitter. I’m trying to win football games.”

Then Just Win, Baby.

The Jets have missed the playoffs eight consecutive seasons.

Eight is enough.

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Gase will be up against the kind of history — or, if you prefer, Curse — that the Cubs, Red Sox and New York Rangers could tell him all about.

But this wasn’t the day for pessimism. This was the day to emphasize that Rams head coach Sean McVay showed up in Jared Goff’s second season and immediately reached the playoffs. Carson Wentz was a different quarterback in his sophomore season before he went down and Doug Pederson, also in his second season in Philly, won Super Bowl XLII with Nick Foles. Mitchell Trubisky was a different quarterback in his second season when rookie head coach Matt Nagy took over, and together they won the NFC North.

When Gase was asked what attracted him to this job, he said: “The No. 1 thing for me was my young quarterback.”

A chance to mold Sam Darnold. Here is what he likes about him: “His quick release. I like his movement skills, I like his pocket presence. It seemed like he had good command of what they were doing last year. I don’t think he’ll have any issues learning anything new. I like his fire. You can see it the way he plays, and just when you talk to him you can see there’s a love for football there.”

This is the effect on Darnold that the Jets are expecting from the Good SAMaritan:

Goff went from five TDs and seven INTs with a 54.6 completion percentage in seven games as a rookie to 28 TDs and seven INTs with a 62.1 completion percentage in 15 games as a sophomore.

Wentz went from 16 TDs and 14 INTs with a 62.4 completion percentage in 16 games as a rookie to 33 TDs and seven INTs with a 60.2 completion percentage in 13 games as a sophomore.

Trubisky went from seven TDs and seven INTs with a 59.4 completion percentage in 12 games as a rookie to 24 TDs and 12 INTs with a 66.6 completion percentage in 14 games as a sophomore.

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We were reminded on Sunday that Tom Brady hasn’t yet stopped beating Time. But still, Gase comes to the Jets at a time when Brady will turn 42 in August, and Rob Gronkowski appears to be on his last legs and pondering retirement. Gase stays in a division in which the Bills and his former team, the Dolphins, are pedestrian.

He comes to a GM, Mike Maccagnan, who is armed with $100 million for free agents and the third pick in the draft to accelerate what must no longer be accepted as rebuilding.

“There’s a lot of good things in place,” Maccagnan said, “and especially with the young quarterback.”

Once in a blue moon, they prove to be the right man. Once in a Big Blue moon, you find a coach who can last for eight years — a Bill Parcells — or even 12 years — a Tom Coughlin — and win a couple of Super Bowls along the way.

Since Weeb Ewbank, only Joe Walton has lasted as long as seven seasons as HC of the NYJ. Parcells (29-19) and Al Groh (9-7) are the only coaches in Jets history with a winning record.

One definition of a Good SAMaritan: A person who selflessly helps others, especially those in distress.

Fifty years and two days of distress are enough.

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