TNA Bound For Glory Results – 11/09/2008
Universal Studios Orlando, Florida
Report by: Richard Gray of

We’re in the parking lot of Jeremy Borash trying to interview the Main Event Mafia that is just arriving. None of them will talk to him as Scott Steiner walks up to him and says that the MEM is the greatest collection of champions to ever come together. He says that they have earned their respect and paid their dues. Steiner says now the boys don’t have any respect. Steiner says these ‘punks’ want a war but we’re going to end it tonight and they don’t have what it takes to beat the Main Event Mafia. Steiner tells JB to get their bags. Mike Tenay welcomes us to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for Turning Point as the pyros go off.

X Division Championship Seeding Match
Sonjay Dutt, Eric Young, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Petey Williams, Jimmy Rave, Homicide, Doug Williams, Tanahashi, & Volador

They’re opening with the X Division Seeding match. Consequences Creed comes out first, next is Sonjay Dutt with SoCal Val. Petey Williams comes out next followed by Jimmy Rave. Volador for the CMLL promotion is out next. Here comes Eric Young. The 15-year pro Doug Williams from the United Kingdom is next out followed by Tanahashi. Representing LAX, Homicide is the next participant announced. Jay Lethal is the final participant announced. The bell rings and we’re underway. It’s Jimmy Rave and Consequences Creed starting things out. Creed and Rave exchange head locks. Creed gets the advantage with a wrist lock then a hip toss. Creed connects with a clothesline. Rave builds a counters and takes Creed down with a clothesline. Sonjay Dutt gets in and hits a high-flying maneuver on Creed. Jay Lethal gets in the ring to take on Dutt. Sonjay goes to the outside to kiss Val. Lethal goes to the outside with a suicide dive.

Tanahashi and Homicide are now in the ring and Homicide has the advantage. This match is under Lucha Libre tag rules so tags do not have to be made. Dout Williams gets in and takes out Homicide, now he’s up against Petey Williams. Williams gets the advantage and capitalizes with a big dropkick. Petey slingshots to the outside and hits a hurricanrana on the outside. Now it’s Eric Young and Volador. Young sets Volador on the top rope but Volador counters. Now it’s Volador and Lethal. Volador is flying all over the place. Fast moving action with him and Lethal, the crowd loves it and starts chanting ‘TNA’. Volador takes Lethal down with a hip toss but Lethal counters with a back breaker. Dutt storms in and takes them both out. He’s booed by the crowd. Dutt and Volador work in the ring with Dutt connecting on head scissors out of a counter. Dutt gets caught in the ropes off a Volador counter, he follows with a drop kick. Two count for Volador. Dutt finally counters with a DDT on Volador. Dutt goes to the top rope. Volador meets him as he takes two long. They’ working on the top turnbuckle, super hurricanrana off the top as Volador eliminates Sonjay Dutt with the pinfall. Volador is now working against Jimmy Rave who goes to the outside. Volador connects on a somersault over the top rope onto him on the outside. This gets the live crowd going again. Jimmy Rave counters and out of nowhere eliminates Volador with his Rock the World finisher and the three count. It’s now Rave and Doug Williams working in the ring. Williams takes Rock down but he counters with a boot to Williams’ face. Doug builds a bridge and eliminates Rock in a huge counter.

Doug Williams throws Eric Young and Consequences Creed out of the ring. It’s chaos insider with all remaining participants getting involved. Homicide hits his finisher on Williams in the ring and he lives to the outside but over shoots it and goes into the crowd. Homicide could be seriously injured as it was legit. Andrew Thomas throws up the X and Hernandez rushes over to him. There’s concern at ringside as the cameras shoot completely on him. Homicide is eliminated because of injury. Creed gets a two count on Doug Williams in the ring, it’s interesting that the entire match stopped while they checked on Homicide. Creed hits a spinning neckbreaker on Tanahashi. Creed’s working with Petey Williams in the ring. Williams eliminates Creed. Looks like the Homicide injury could be an angle, we’ll have an update shortly. Tanahashi hits a frog splash off the top rope onto Petey Williams to eliminate him. Tanahashi, Doug Williams, and Jay Lethal are in the ring. I think Eric Young is also still in. Tanahashi and Doug Williams double team Lethal. Williams hits a gut wrench suplex followed by a somersault by Tanahashi going for the cover. Tanahashi is eliminated out of nowhere by Lethal. It’s Williams and Lethal.

Eric Young is also still in the match. He gets back in the ring and eliminates Doug Williams. It’s down to Lethal and Young. Lethal takes Young to the mat, they exchange counters for two counts on the mat. Young tries a suplex but ends up using both forearms to take Lethal down to the mat and get a two count. Young hits his bridging suplex and pins Lethal for the three count and the win. Young is the number one contender for the X Division Championship.

Winner – Eric Young

TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Taylor Wilde & Roxxi
TNA Knockout Tag Match
TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed come out first with Rhaka Khan. Roxxi is out next as the first member of her tag team. Taylor Wilde comes out and they get in the ring. All four women go at it as Rhaka Khan takes Wilde out. It’s Kong and Roxxi in the ring. Roxxi uses speed, Kong uses power. Kong tags in Raisha Saeed. Roxxi tags in Wilde. Roxxi tags back in and goes off the top rope with a double axe handle blow. Wilde tags back in and completes the same double team. Roxxi does it again after another tag. Wilde tags in and hits it again. Wilde puts Saeed in a wrist lock. Saeed smacks Wilde and puts her up for a powerbomb, Saeed counters out. Raisha Saeed looks impressive as she tags in Kong. Wilde tags in Roxxi and they hit a double drop kick on Kong. Roxxi gets a cover on Kong for a two count. Kong goes after Roxxi. Kong chokes Roxxi out in the ropes with her leg. Roxxi goes for a tag but Kong stays on the offensive. Kong drives Roxxi by the hair into the top turnbuckle as Raisha Saeed is tagged in. Saeed hits a scoop mid range slam. Saeed it’s a corkscrew elbow and gets a two count.

Saeed is taking it to Roxxi in the ring. She tags in the TNA Knockout Champion. Kong takes Roxxi down in the middle of the ring. Kong stretches Roxxi in a submission hold in the ring. Roxxi counters somehow and gets the tag but the referee doesn’t see it because of Rhaka Khan interference. Kong nearly beats Roxxi in the ring after a splash. Tag by Saeed as she takes it to Roxxi who has the crowd on her side. Saeed stretches Roxxi in the ring. Saeed tags in Kong and holds Roxxi in place for a double team. Kong hits a scoop slam on Roxxi. Saeed gets on top, Kong helps her flip down on Roxxi. Saeed botched the move as Kong goes back to work on Roxxi. Kong misses from up top, Roxxi needs to get a tag. Roxxi is finally able to get a tag. It’s Saeed and Taylor Wilde. Wilde takes Saeed down with a drop kick and another near fall. Big boot from Wilde onto Raisha Saeed. Rhaka Khan interferes again. Now it’s Roxxi taking out both Kong and Saeed.

Taylor Wilde and Saeed collide in the ring. Kong falls to the outside when Roxxi lowers the ropes. Roxxi hits a cross-body off the top to the outside on Kong. Wilde hits her bridging suplex to get the three count on Raisha Saeed.

Winners – Taylor Wilde & Roxxi

Rhino vs. X Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir
Rhino gets in the ring and pumps up the crowd on the ropes, Bashir gets out for Rhino to show boat with the veteran. The bell rings and the match is underway. The crowd is behind Rhino. They circle one another as Shane Sewell is the referee. Rhino elevates Bashir off the ropes and takes him to the mat. Rhino looks to already be going for Gore as Sheik Abdul Bashir goes to the outside. Rhino follows and throws him into the rail. Rhino rolls Bashir back into the ring. Bashir pleads with Rhino then bows down. Rhino continues to hit offense as he runs into an elbow from Bashir. Bashir tried to get the turnbuckle exposed but the referee stopped him. Bashir gets a two count on Rhino. Bashir counters with hard slaps. Bashir goes off the ropes but a fan throws water on him from ringside. Bashir works Rhino over and gets another cover for a two count. Bashir has Rhino on his knees, but Rhino fights back. Bashir counters and gets a two count.

Bashir gets Rhino to the outside and takes him over in front of the guard rail. Bashir hits a knife edge chop but Rhino counters. Bashir slaps a fan at ringside and rolls Rhino into the ring. It looks like it could be ICP at ringside. Sheik Abdul Bashir pulls Rhino down by the hair. He connects on several elbows. The crowd cheers loudly for Rhino. Bashir gets a near-fall on Rhino. Bashir applies a submission hold on the mat. Bashir wrenches back on a headlock on on Rhino on the mat. Rhino is breaking it, he gets back to a vertical base and drops Bashir down to the mat. Rhino is down in the ring, selling the submission hold. Bashir is down as well, double count out gets to 8 before they get up. They exchange rights and lefts in the middle of the ring. Rhino takes down Bashir. Scott Hall is in the front row next to ICP look-a-likes. Rhino hits a spinebuster on Bashir and ends up hitting Gore for the win. I’m more distracted by who is on the front row, we know Scott Hall, trying to confirm ICP.

Winner – Rhino

Beer Money, Inc. (c) vs. The Motor City Machineguns
TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

James Storm & Robert Roode, the TNA Tag Team Champions, come out first with Jacqueline Moore. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley come out next, it seems like the crowd doesn’t want to cheer them after what just happened backstage. The match starts with James Storm and Chris Sabin. Scott Hall and ICP are still sitting in the front row directly in front of the hard camera. Storm is working slow in the ring with Sabin. Several hip tosses from Sabin onto James Storm. He pulls him down in a submission hold in the mat. Sabin tags Shelley, Shelley goes off the top with a sledge right in the back of James Storm. Storm tags in Roode but Shelley counters and gets a near fall. Sabin hits a spinning heel kick as Sabin gets in and drop kicks Storm to the outside. The Motor City Machineguns dive to the outside on the champions. The Guns double team Roode, Storm gets in and gets the same treatment. Now it’s Shelley smacking Roode in the face. Shelley takes Roode down and tags in Sabin. Chris Sabin makes another quick tag as Shelley sling shots right over the ropes for a two count.

Shelley works on Roode in the ring with kicks. He kicks him in the corner. Clear advantage throughout so far by the Motor City Machineguns. Shelley splash into Roode and hits Storm on the apron. Shelley hits a springboard moonsault on Roode for a two count. Right hands from Alex Shelley. Storm tags himself in and the tables are turning. Roode is the legal man now against Shelley. He tags in James Storm after a knife edge chop on Shelley. Momentum has shifted quickly for the champions. Storm hits Shelley with a right hand, Roode gets cheap shots form the apron. Storm tags in Roode, they hit a double team. Roode has a sleep applied on Shelley in the middle of the ring as Beer Money has taken control of this match. Shelley gets back to the vertical base and tries to kick out. Roode hits a big clubbing blow that takes him right back down. Roode runs into a boot from Shelley who takes out Storm on the apron. Roode connects on a drop toe hold, Storm gets involved and Sabin wants in but the referee won’t let him.

Roode works on Shelley as James Storm tags himself in. They double team Shelley. Storm takes Shelley down and slaps him in the corner. Storm throws Shelley in the turnbuckle. Storm miss-connects. Shelley goes for the tag and makes it. The referee doesn’t see it. Jacqueline beats down Shelley on the outside. Storm gets a couple of two counts on Shelley after Jackie rolls him back in. Roode tags in, here comes a double team that Shelley counters. Another communication breakdown allows Shelley to hit a double DDT. Shelley finally tags in Chris Sabin who hits a cross body block off the top. Sabin hits crazy offense and looks great. Sabin outsmarts Storm and Roode and works with them in the turnbuckles.

Shelley back in for a double team. Roode is caught in a rolling DDT by Chris Sabin. Sabin tries to put Roode above his shoulders, he finally gets him up but Storm tags himself in. Sabin fights off the double team. Shelley connects on a suicide dive to the outside on Roode. In the ring Sabin hits a hurricanrana off the top on Storm, Shelley hits a frog splash. Two count for Sabin. Roode gets in, but he’s met by a double team by the Guns. Sabin takes Roode down and springboards off the top but misses. He ends up hitting a backbreaker with Shelley hitting a move off the top. Crazy high flying spots by both Shelley and Sabin. Roode ends up hitting a spinebuster on Sabin for a two count. Shelley takes down Roode and sets him up on the middle rope. Here comes another combination move, Roode fights it off. Shelley ends up getting take down in the tree of woe position. Sabin is down in the ring but he counters on Storm then Roode on the top turnbuckle.

Huge tower suplex off the top that gets the crowd going, all four men are down but Roode looks like he took the most of it. Sabin drapes an arm over Roode, but he gets up. Storm is up, Shelley kicks him in the back of the head. Both the Guns takes out Roode in the ring. Jackie gets in the ring and pulls Sabin off Roode while Storm takes a drink of beer. Sabin teases a shot on Jackie but hits a scoop slam on her. Roode and Sabin start to work, Storm ends up spitting beer in Sabin’s face. Sabin is pinned after a double team powerbomb by Roode and Storm. Roode got the pin.

Winners & still TNA Tag Team Champions – Beer Money, Inc.

Booker T (c) vs. Christian Cage
TNA Legends Championship Match

A video package highlighting the Booker/Christian feud is shown. TNA Legends Champion Booker T comes out first. If Christian Cage doesn’t win the title, he must join the Main Event Mafia. Sharmell comes out with Booker as the pyros go off at the top of the ramp. Christian Cage comes out next. Booker shouts the stipulations to Christian in the middle of the ring. Andrew Thomas gets in between them and holds up the title before he calls for the opening bell. Christian and Booker lock up and the match gets underway. The crowd is split, half and half chants. Booker sends Christian off the ropes but Booker isn’t affected. Booker goes for a submission hold on the mat. Christian gets back to the vertical base. Booker counters Christian with a knife edge chop then a right hand chop. Christian unleashes offense of his own. Booker goes to the outside to regroup.

Booker finally gets back in the ring after a little conference with his wife Sharmell on the outside. The crowd stomps awaiting the action. Mike Tenay says that this is the largest crowd TNA has had in Universal Studios. Christian and Booker exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Booker hits a spinebuster and gets a two count. He snaps the neck and wind pipe of Christian Cage and the fight goes to the outside. Christian fights Booker back but Booker takes him down and puts a foot to Christian’s chest. Christian gets catapulted into the ring post. Booker follows it up with chops to the chest of Christian. Booker gets in the ring and kicks Christian in the jaw. Booker applies a submission hold on Christian on the mat. Mike Tenay says TNA Genesis in January will be live from Charlotte, NC. Christian finally gets back to his feet but Booker counters him off.

Christian builds a counter on Booker T in the turnbuckles. Christian hits a big forearm shot on Booker followed by a two count. Booker rakes the eyes of Christian to stop his momentum. Christian ducks a couple of spin kicks and takes Booker down to the mat for a two count. Christian goes to the top with Sharmell on the apron. Booker gets up and drops Christian down on the top. Booker comes up for a superplex attempt, he connects! Booker goes for the cover, two count. Booker T gets on his knees and goes for the Spin-A-Rooni. Booker goes for a full nelson, it results in a reversal by Christian followed by a pin. Christian tosses Booker over the top but he landed on the apron. Axe kick from Booker in a counter. Christian just went down like a big oak tree. Booker gets the cover for a two count. Christian goes for the sharpshooter, he looks it in as it is more of an inverted sharpshooter. Booker tries for the ropes but Sharmell gets on the apron and causes Christian to get distracted and break the hold. Booker nearly hits Sharmell in the face when Christian gets out of the middle of the argument. Booker nearly gets pinned by Christian in a counter. Christian counters on a suplex for a two count but Booker catches him in a roll-up for the win.

Winner & still the TNA Legends Champion – Booker T (Christian Cage must join the Main Event Mafia

Kurt Angle vs. Abyss

The following match is a Falls Count Anywhere match and is scheduled for one fall. Kurt Angle is out first. Abyss comes to the ring next. The bell rings and the match is underway. Kurt Angle jumps out of the ring just as Abyss goes toward him. Kurt Angle hits the outside again which draws boos from the fans. Angle gets back in. Abyss goes to work on Kurt Angle in the corner with big right hands. Angle tries to counter but runs right into a clothesline off of the ropes. Abyss runs into Angle in the corner but he moves out of the way and stomps away at Abyss. Abyss takes Angle down to the mat. Abyss hits shock treatment. He gets a two count. Abyss sends Angle to the outside with a clothesline. Angle hops the rail and Abyss goes out after him. Abyss hits Angle in the head with right hands in the crowd. Angle turns around and hits Abyss, Abyss counters. They exchange blows in the crowd. Angle tries to get away from Abyss in the fans. Angle uses one of the fans to put in between them. Abyss still connects on Angle. Abyss punishes Angle.

Abyss delivers more shots to the head of Kurt Angle as Abyss tries to drop him out of the stands down a far drop. Angle rakes the eyes of Abyss, getting himself back in the stands. Abyss boots Abyss in the face then jumps down from the bleachers. Abyss comes down the steps. Abyss hits Angle in the back of the head. Abyss rakes the eyes of Angle again as they back at ringside. Angle picks up a chair and gabs him in the midsection then over the head. Abyss is down as Kurt Angle walks up the ramp. Abyss is crawling on all fours, this causes Angle to turnaround. Angle hits an insane somersault spot off the stage to the outside. Angle is insane but the way they shot that spot they made it look bigger than it was, which isn’t to say that it wasn’t awesome. The crowd is eating this up as Abyss throws Angle face first into a wall at the top of the ramp. Abyss goes for a chokeslam on the concrete but Angle delivers a low blow or as West said a kick in the nuts. Angle goes right into Abyss through the wall at the entrance. Loud ‘TNA’ chants from the fans in attendance.

Both men are down on the opposite side of the wall… now they’re gone when the cameras come back. The crowd boos as there no sign of Angle and Abyss. Angle comes out busting through the other side of the wall. Bad to leave the crowd when it was that hot. They’re significantly quieter now. Angle and Abyss get back in the ring to try and regain the crowd. Angle takes Abyss down with a knee. Angle kicks Abyss in the back on the knee, Abyss hits the mat. Angle delivers yet another to the back of the leg. Angle calls for Abyss to get to his feet. Angle stalks Abyss but walks into a clothesline. Abyss splashes Angle in the corner and hits a side slam. Two count for Abyss on Angle. Abyss picks Angle up for shock treatment but he blocks and hits the Angle Slam. Two count for Kurt. Angle goes to the outside and grabs a chair. He runs at Abyss with it but Abyss punches the chair right back in the face of the Olympic Gold Medalist. Abyss sets a chair up in between the middle and top ropes. Angle comes back to life and blocks a shot by Abyss but Abyss hits a low blow and slams Angle’s head into a chair. Abyss hits a sidewalk slam and a two count.

Abyss lays out a steel chair across Angle’s body. Abyss is taking forever as he goes up the ropes, he goes off the middle and nobody’s home! Angle picks up the chair and connects to the head of Abyss. Angle sets the chair on top of Abyss and goes to the top rope, he hits his moonsault on the chair. Abyss kicks out! Kurt gets on the middle rope, cross-body, but he’s caught by Abyss. Abyss sets him up for a Tombstone, Angle counters and locks in the ankle lock. Abyss breaks it, gets Angle off the ropes and hits the Black Hole Slam. Angle kicks out. Angle rolls to the outside, Abyss is down but comes after him. Abyss goes after Angle on the outside, Abyss is back by the Spanish Broadcast table. Angle pushes the announcers (Hector Guerrero included) out of the way. Angle gets up on the scaffolding above the Spanish announce table. He’s climbing high up on the scaffolding. Abyss brings him down and points to the bottom. Abyss picks Angle up above his head and goes for a Press Slam. Angle turns him around and sends him right thought the Spanish announce table with a European uppercut. Angle gets the three count on the Spanish announce table.

Winner – Kurt Angle

Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash

Samoa Joe comes out next. The match gets underway with Nash going right after Joe. Joe delivers his MMA-style punches at Nash. Nash counters with haymakers over his own, trying to end it. Joe connects on a kick to the back and a shoulder block. Joe works on Nash who is down in the ring. Joe locks in a choke and the referee warns him. Joe kicks Nash in the chest as he drops a knee to his throat. Samoa Joe kicks Nash out to ringside and the fight goes to the outside. Joe bangs Nash’s head on the TNA announce table in front of Tenay and West. Nash throws Joe into the steel ring post on the outside. Nash throws Joe into the steel ring post again on the outside. Nash reaches under the ring for a tool box. He grabs some clipper or pliers. Nash has clippers, he exposes the top turnbuckle by cutting the pad off. Kevin Nash works over Joe in the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. Nash sets Joe up in the ropes and lands on top of him. Nash drops an elbow on Joe and goes for a cover. He gets a two count. Nash off the ropes, he delivers another elbow.

Nash punches Samoa Joe in the back. Joe finally starts to shift the momentum, hitting a big boot to his chin. Back splash by Joe for a two count on Nash. Nash sends Joe into the turnbuckle but Joe counters with a missile drop kick off the middle. Two count for Joe on Nash. Joe goes to the MMA style ground and pound on Nash. Nash to the outside after a cheap shot from Nash. Nash has a chair on the outside, Joe runs towards the ropes but is met by a chair shot in the midst of a suicide dive attempt. Joe is sent back into the ring, Nash gets back in. Joe is out in the ring as Nash covers him for a two count. Joe connects on some knife edge chops on Nash. Nash counters with a boot on Joe as Joe was coming off the ropes. Nash hits the Jackknife powerbomb and gets a two count. Nash looks shocked. Nash bangs Joe’s head off the exposed turnbuckle. The referee starts yelling at Nash but the way this match has been booked that argument is extremely irrelevant. Joe is busted open, Nash works it with right hands and bounces his head off the exposed turnbuckle.

Second Jackknife powerbomb by Nash on Joe. Joe kicks out again! Out of nowhere Joe locks in an armbar submission. The referee is knocked out in the process. Samoa Joe gets to his feet, Nash connects on a low blow. Referee Rudy Charles is down and Tenay acts like the low blow was a big deal. This has been booked to be a No DQ match as Kevin Nash steals the win with a cover for the three count.

Winner – Kevin Nash

Sting (c) vs. AJ Styles
TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The challenger, AJ Styles, is out first. We’re shown a locker room shot of Sting (as we were shown for Styles) before a promo video for Sting (just as we were shown for AJ). Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the official introduction. He’s worked on this and actually gotten very good at it. The bell rings and the main event is underway. AJ backs Sting down into the turnbuckle. Slow pace to start the match.

AJ and Sting lock up and AJ gets a hammer lock applied on the Champion. Sting counters with one of his own, AJ reveres, but Sting counters him over. AJ locks in another hammer lock, both men are on their feet as Sting takes him down. AJ locks the hammer lock back in. They do the same spot a couple more times with Sting taking Styles down and Styles re-applying the hammer lock. Finally it’s broken and AJ misses on some high flying moves. Sting bulldogs Styles. AJ connects on a drop kick out of nowhere. Sting is on the outside getting counted out after the dropkick from Styles. AJ goes to the outside as Sting is milking the count. Sting gets back in as AJ rolls out. Styles gets on the apron and back in the ring. Styles scoops Sting up and slams him down. Styles smashes into him and get a two count. Knife edge chops from Styles as the crowd is 50/50 again. Sting press slams AJ out of the ring to the outside. AJ took a rough landing and is getting counted out.

Sting does his patent scream before going to the outside. He slams AJ off the rail then picks him up and drop him on it. Referee Earl Hebner goes to the outside and warns him. Sting rolls Styles back in the ring and goes back to work on him. Sting counters a hip toss with an abdominal stretch on Styles in the ring. It should be noted that I do not see Hall or ICP at ringside anymore. No clue on how long they’ve been gone. Desperation hip toss from Styles but Sting counters with a move that impact Styles’ ribs. Sting buries his head in the midsection of Styles in the corner of the ring. Sting kicks AJ in the midsection after a shoulder block. Sting whips AJ coast-to-coast in the turnbuckles. Sting picks AJ up in a bear hug. In a desperation move, Styles gives Sting headbutts. Sting counters and reapplies the abdominal stretch on the Challenger. Sting wrenches back on the hold, Earl Hebner checks for submission. AJ tries to back him off, working on his knee cap. Styles gives Sting right has, Sting exchanges. They go back and forth with right hands. Sting kicks AJ, AJ hits a dropkick to the side of Sting’s head. Both men down, double count out started. Styles gives Sting a couple of clotheslines followed by a snap suplex. Sting props himself up in the corner. AJ goes after him and ends up on the apron. AJ over the top rope gives a forearm shot to Sting for a two count. A snap suplex by Styles leads to another two count for him on the Champion. Sting goes for the Scorpion but Styles counters. Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting covers Styles for a two count. Sting goes to the top rope with AJ down in the ring. Sting dives off, Styles gets out of the way. AJ kicks Sting in the face, Styles teases Styles Clash, Sting blocks.

Sting Splash in the corner on Styles. Sting hits a second one sending AJ to the mat. Sting sets Styles back up in the corner. Sting hits a third one. Sting sets Styles up on the top turnbuckle. Sting tries superplex from the top but Styles fights him off and rolls through into a powerbomb to the mat. Styles sets Sting in the middle of the ring. Styles to the top rope, he hits the Spiral Tap off the top rope. AJ tells the fans ‘one more time’. He goes back to the top but he’s taking way too much time. Here comes Booker T and Kurt Angle, Styles takes care of both of them on the apron. Sting is back up, he dodges the Pelé Kick as Sting rolls him up for the three count and the win.

Winner & still TNA World Heavyweight Champion – Sting

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