The head of an independent UK unit tasked with investigating allegations of torture and unlawful killing in Iraq has said that British soldiers could face prosecution for crimes including murder, according to an interview published Saturday in The Independent.

“There are serious allegations that we are investigating across the whole range of … investigations, which incorporates homicide, where I feel there is significant evidence to be obtained to put a strong case before the Service Prosecuting Authority [SPA] to prosecute and charge,” Mark Warwick, a former police detective who is in charge of the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT), told the paper.

Asked whether some cases could constitute war crimes, he responded: “There are lots of significant cases that we are investigating and at the appropriate time it will be a matter for us to discuss with the SPA whether they meet the war-crimes threshold, but there are certainly serious allegations currently being investigated.”

The Independent reports:

Warwick said his unit hopes to complete its investigations by the end of 2019. But human rights groups are pressing for a faster timeline.

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