— WWE Raw Diva Mickie James is currently suffering from a hyperextended elbow, which has caused her some discomfort and numbness. Due to the injury, she’s being used sparingly, but still working because WWE heavily relies on her to help layout the matches, keep the matches going and the fans interested at shows. James is expected to be given some time off from house shows as a result. The injury occurred during the recent European tour, which is why she was taken out of matches except as referee or timekeeper. James believes she is okay enough to work, but officials are being careful as she is invaluable to the division. Trainers feel she should rest another week or two before moving back into regular action.

— During filming of a fight scene for the upcoming movie Sherlock Holmes, the WWE wrestler formerly known as Kurrgan (real name Robert Maillet), accidentally knocked out actor Robert Downey Jr. with a punch to the chin. Downey Jr. needed six stitches in his mouth as a result of the punch from the former “Truth Commission” and “Oddities” member, which sent him flying and knocked him out cold.

— The WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009 video game was the No. 10 best selling game in Australia this past week. It was however, No. 1 on PSP and No. 2 on PS2.

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