Partial Source: Steve Gerweck

Both Triple H and Rey Mysterio will be making their long awaited returns from injury this week and will be at SummerSlam. However, will they appear on RAW or SmackDown! before the Pay-Per-View? As of this weekend, the current plan is to keep both men off WWE television until Sunday. When RAW’s ratings tanked several weeks ago, there were many people (including Vince McMahon) who wanted to hotshot Triple H’s return and have him come back sooner. Ratings stablized and that “panic” plan was scrapped.

Backstage morale is said to be at an all-time low in TNA. At a time when TNA’s home grown stars are being featured less and less, the company is dropping huge money and giving valuable television time to former WWE castoffs (Test, Matt Morgan) and disgraced celebrities (“Pacman” Jones). Last week’s Hard Justice PPV was another example that exciting, state-of-the-art wrestling and differentiating itself from WWE are not part of the company’s overall direction.

TRIPLE H has SHORT HAIR! Rey Mysterio Returning WITHOUT his MASK! PICTURES of both men’s NEW LOOKS!