Ex-Cowboys running back Joseph Randle denied he raped a woman in September, insisting in court Tuesday that “She never said no.”

Randle was arrested in Kansas last fall on 11 charges, including rape, aggravated criminal sodomy, aggravated battery and aggravated kidnapping of a woman. The woman testified Tuesday that Randle punched her and forced her to have sex without her consent, according to the Wichita Eagle.

Randle, according to the newspaper, tried to defend himself by shouting out, “She didn’t tell me,” and, “She never said nothing. She never said no. So how am I supposed to know?”

While Randle’s two court-appointed defense attorneys claimed he was not competent to stand trial — he has spent time in mental health facilities — Judge Kevin O’Connor disagreed. O’Connor also scolded Randle for speaking out of turn on multiple occasions.

“I don’t feel like the proof is enough to go forward in this case,” Randle said.

The Oklahoma State product — who started for the Cowboys in 2015 before getting cut — was unsuccessful in his argument and is set to be arraigned on Feb. 25.

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