– The latest on Charlie Sheen’s involvement with WWE is that around the time when he agreed to be the Social Media Ambassador of RAW 1,000, he also agreed to appear at SummerSlam. He backed out of that deal about two weeks later, which was believed to be due to scheduling issues.

The original plan was for Sheen to get into a physical confrontation with Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam, which would have gotten WWE a ton of mainstream media coverage. WWE still hoping for Sheen to appear on WWE television in the coming months, which is why Daniel Bryan is undergoing “anger management” (the name of Sheen’s new FX show) classes next week on RAW.

– Episode 30 of the WWE Inbox Youtube show is now online, with WWE Superstars and Divas answering fan questions sent in via social media. This week, the WWE stars talk about what they do to relax and more:

* Pictures of EVE TORRES & Her Real Life Boyfriend

(Source: Figure Four Weekly Newsletter)