Scott Steiner is said to be in pretty rough shape and his days in the ring could be numbered. Steiner is said to be pretty hard on himself about his condition, and most of the locker room feels bad for him at times despite his reputation as an absolute lunatic who has threatened people’s lives over booking decisions. In WCW, Jeff Jarrett was always known as the guy who could keep Scott under control and calm him down.

Says one fellow wrestler regarding Scott‘s health: “He can’t bend over and tie his shoe because of his lower back pain. His stretching routine before matches is barbaric just so he has the mobility to get through a match because he’s wound so tight. His back is so bad watching him go through a 12 step process to sit in a car seat is excruciating. It’s so not a secret that his back causes him tremendous pain and is an overwhelming concern in his life every day”

Friends continue to encourage Steiner to back off on his muscle-mass, but he continues to be stubborn and prioritize size over mobility.

*BIG SPOILER* on the Next Person To Join LEGACY – Son of Former IC & Tag Team Champion!