It has been no secret that ticket sales for tonight’s WWE Stomping Grounds haven’t exactly been outstanding, due to a widely criticized match card and only having two weeks to promote the show in the wake of WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia.

The news isn’t good with only a few hours before bell time. While neither the Tacoma Dome or WWE has confirmed this, it would appear based on updated seating charts that the entire first and second balcony on the hardcam side of the arena has been tarped off, in addition to some sections of the floor.

With the removal of about one third of the floor seating, there are less than 150 floor tickets available including the secondary market. We estimate about 550-600 tickets in the first and second balconies still available as well, again including the secondary market.

Normally less than 1,000 tickets on the secondary market wouldn’t be terrible, because WWE has already made the money on those seats and many tickets are sold in the final hours before the show, getting them close enough to announce the show as a sell-out. We’re working to determine a more exact number, but estimate that the Tacoma Dome has tarped off at least 6,000 seats, potentially up to 6,500.

WWE Stomping Grounds airs tonight live on the WWE Network starting at 7PM ET.

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