— Bray Wyatt missed all the weekend live events but according to WWE officials, he is not injured and that is not the reason he missed the shows. There was no further comment on his absence. On Raw last night, Wyatt was conspicuously absent as well, only appearing in a pre-taped interview where he morphed into Sister Abigail.

— Wyatt’s real-life brother, Bo Dallas, also was not on Raw last night, though one of the announcers commented that he wasn’t feeling well and implied that he was off the show due to an illness.

— Whether the absences are related or not remains to be seen, but there is a lot of speculation online on their status, with some people referencing a lack of tweets as further proof that something is up. However, it doesn’t appear as if Bray or Bo are that active on Twitter anyway so to me that means nothing either way. As far as the company is currently leading on, it appears to be a non-story at this point.

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