CHICAGO — A new video shows Chicago police officers dragging a 16-year-old Marshall High School student down a flight of stairs, hitting her and using a stun gun on her. The video doesn’t appear to match the report the officers gave earlier this year.

Officers were called to escort Dnigma Howard, 16, out of the East Garfield Park school Jan. 29 after a confrontation with a staff member. The officers said that when they tried to intervene, Howard tried to bite one of them. Charges were laid against Howard but later dropped.

Video from security cameras inside the school show Howard talking with a classmate while two officers stand near her. One of the officers grabs Howard and throws her to the ground, and they go off camera. Then another surveillance video shows both officers dragging Howard down the stairs.

One of the cops appears to punch and kick Howard as he’s holding her down. She tries to fight back, and the officer then uses a stun gun on her.

Howard has asthma, and couldn’t breathe while the officer was holding her down, according to a report by ABC 7 Chicago.

“Thank god for that video,” the family’s attorney told ABC 7. “When this instance first happened the state’s attorney charged a 16-year-old unarmed girl with two felonies for aggravated assault against a peace officer.”

In a statement, CPD spokesperson Tom Ahern said the department can’t comment on the specifics of the incident or the investigation.

“We hold our officers to the highest level of professional standards,” Ahern said. “CPD will remain guided by the facts of the investigation.”

Ahern said the CPD is continuing to work with CPS and hold community input meetings to draft policy on CPD roles and responsibilities within the schools.

COPA has not sent the police department a request to relieve the officers of their police powers, CPD said. Both officers who were involved in the Marshall High School incident are assigned to the 11th District. One of the officers is classified as “Injured on Duty” status, CPD said.

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