On Wednesday volley fans can see three matches in Womens’ Champions League. The most curious game is between Galatasaray Istanbul and Azeryol Baku. Win clash also Cannes and Eczacibasi.




Pool D
Schweriner SC – Eczacibasi Vitra Istanbul 0-3 (21-25 18-25 23-25)
Schwerin: Radenkovic (4), Souza Ziegler (5), Isailovic (7), Poll (3), Hippe (15), Hroncekova (4), Volker (L) and Pihlajamaki, Vilponen, Imoudu, Moma Bassoko (1), Aulenbrock
Eczacibasi: Hanke (4), Gumus Kirici (12), Cansu (5), Demir (19), Usic Jogunica (2), Poljak (15), Kuzubasioglu (L) and Ercan (6), Karakoyun (1), Kayacan

The former star of Schweriner SC currently playing for Eczacibasi, Denise Hanke, received a very warm welcome by the audience. Eczacibasi was the heavy favorite of this game but actually the start was very promising for the home heroines who moved up 8:5 at the first technical time-out of the opening set. Saskia Hippe was very effective for the home side and the fans were standing on their feet as Schweriner SC was still up 17:12 after the second mandatory stop. Eczacibasi finally woke up and stormed back to draw level at 18 all and eventually flipped the charts around to claim the provisional 1:0 in sets (25-21).

The start of the second set was very close with the score leveled at 3 and 7 all and once more – showing finally their best play after a very weak opening of the season also in the Bundesliga – the players of Schweriner SC could set the pace (10:9) as they had done in the previous set. Eczacibasi head coach Lorenzo Micelli was not happy at all with the development of the match and after a time-out to shake his players, the team from Turkey’s megalopolis responded to their coach’s instructions with Hanke, Maja Poljak and Neslihan Demir setting the tempo and chiefly contributing to the final 25-18.

Schweriner SC still hoped to win at least one set and they worked hard to create a slim cushion in the third set (8:5); however, Eczacibasi once more showed their determination to fight back and flipped the tables around (23:21). Schweriner SC was able to draw level at 23 all but Eczacibasi scored the next couple of rallies to finish it off in straight sets (25-23).
Saskia Hippe and Neslihan Demir were the best players of the game for Schweriner SC and Eczacibasi VitrA respectively.

Though their heroines lost in straight sets the fans of Schweriner SC were happy with the good performance showed by the home team whose primary goal is to perform well in the Bundesliga and retain their title also in the national cup. Schweriner SC will go for their first victory in this competition as the Champions League resumes after a break hoping to edge Czech champions Agel Prostejov in the away match scheduled for November 26.  

Team Stats:

ActionsSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeRec ExcRec PosErrorsSchwerin3033%5527%48%14Eczacibasi4949%10528%53%26

Team Leaders:

ActionsPointsSpike ptsSpike %BlockAceErrorsSaskia Hippe161537%104Neslihan Demir191655%215


Agel Prostejov – Racing Cannes 0-3 (18-25 22-25 23-25)
Agel: Vincourova (4), Melicharova (1), Borovinsek (12), Carter (11), Kossanyiova (11), Steenbergen (9), Jasova (L) and Markevich, Pereira Soares (1), Kociova (2)
Cannes: Van Der Vyver (4), Bokan (9), Rasic (7), Centoni (19), Grothues (11), Ssuchke-Voigt (5), Arcangeli (L) and Ortschitt, Partenio, Aelbrecht (4)

The opening set was clearly orchestrated by RC Cannes and also set 2 was unfolding in their favor at the beginning (3:11). However, the Czech champions stepped up, improved in reception as well as in the other fundamentals and almost equalized to 1:1. But the guests, who were stronger on paper, did better in the remainder of set 2, and after that also in the final part of set 3. In set 3 Prostejov had the lead for most of the time, sometimes with a margin of 3 points, but they did not manage to claim this set either.

Press conference:

“Our performance tonight was much better than in the match played in Istanbul last week. I was worried about Markevich’s absence in reception, but finally both young spikers coped well with the unpleasant situation. Both teams did a good job in defense and the opponent was slightly stronger in blocking, which was probably decisive for the result, I think. But we certainly had the chance to claim one set at least” said Agel Prostejov head coach Miroslav Cada.

“The guests were the hot favorites tonight but we played good Volleyball with the exception of the first set. We gradually found the rhythm and found our game and we created a lot of chances to win at least one set. It is a real pity that we did not manage to do that. But we are on a good path and I am confident that we will score a win in the next match against Schweriner SC” said Agel Prostejov middle-blocker Quinta Steenbergen.

“In general I am happy with our performance. We were in great form especially in the opening set, but in the middle of set 2 the opponent made significant improvement and we lost our confidence and slowed down the tempo. The game became close and we lacked stability. But what really matters is the 3:0 result” commented RC Cannes head coach Yan Fang.

“It was an excellent match and the quality was very good on both sides. Prostejov just could not find its game in set 1 which we had under total control. However, in the middle of set 2 the game became really close. We can be happy that we managed to win the two close finishes and bring back home three valuable points” concluded RC Cannes team captain Nadia Centoni.

Team Stats:

ActionsSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeRec ExcRec PosErrorsAgel3835%7636%64%16Racing4239%13439%61%17

Team Leaders:

ActionsPointsSpike ptsSpike %BlockAceErrorsSonja Borovinsek12953%123Nadia Centoni191640%305


Galatasaray Daikin Istanbul – Azeryol Baku 3-1 (25-23 25-21 27-29 25-22)
Galatasaray: Lo Bianco (4), Avci (7), Ozsoy (16), Montano (22), Veljkovic (12), Rabadzhieva (13), Guneyligil (L) and Barut, Alikaya, Arslan Guc (1)
Azeryol: Silie Frometa (2), Di Iulio (10), Vargas Valdez (1), Rahimova (15), Aliyeva (21), Kovalenko (11), Korotenko (L) and Jones (11), Matiaskova-Aghayeva, Ino

The hosts had to come back from behind in the opening set but they eventually pocketed it with the score of 25-23. In the second set Galatasaray Daikin broke away in the score with good serving by their Colombian opposite Madelaynne Montano (22:19) and this paved the way for the final 25-21 and provisional 2:0 in sets. The battle continued in the third set where Galatasaray did not show the right composure in the final phases and Azeryol could prolong the game to the fourth set (27-29). Eleonora Lo Bianco – the always outstanding setter of Galatasaray – marshaled her team to the victory there and Montano (pictured) top scored in the end for the winning side with 22 points. Odina Aliyeva paced Azeryol with 21.
“Congratulations to the team; they were able to step up the quality of their game and perform well tonight” said Galatasaray Daikin head coach Massimo Barbolini. “It is very important that we got three points from this game” he concluded.  

Team Stats:

ActionsSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeRec ExcRec PosErrorsGalatasaray6048%51038%54%21Azeryol5343%14437%59%30

Team Leaders:

ActionsPointsSpike ptsSpike %BlockAceErrorsMadelaynne Montano221845%136Odina Aliyeva211735%319

Descriptions: CEV

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