Story Updated On January 15:East Coast Railway spokesperson said that no major trees were cut to make way for the helipad. Only leaves/branches of few trees on Railway land had to be pruned to give full proper space for helicopter movements.Railway will estimate total loss of plants and replant more than two times of saplings lost, TOI Bhubaneshwar tweeted.

We wish for a time when we are more responsible towards other things living alongside us on planet earth. When it comes to trees, we seemed to have decided that no thought will be given before deciding to cut out main source of oxygen.

Thousand trees have been cut to make way for a temporary helipad to welcome PM Modi, the Hindu reported.

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The Prime Minister is expected to visit Balangir town of Odisha and the felling has irked environment activists. Reportedly, under urban plantation programme that was undertaken in 2016, saplings were planted on 2.25 hectares controlled by the Indian Railways.

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