A  few weeks ago, Jacques Villeneuve appeared to welcome Lance Stroll’s graduation to F1, but now the 1997 world champion isn’t so sure the teenager fits the bill.

Speaking to Germany’s Auto Bild, the Canadian pointed a finger at Williams and believes his countryman is simply too young to become a Grand Prix driver.

“He’s so smart and talented, but I’m sorry — at the age of 18, he’s too young for Formula 1,” says Villeneuve.

“What Williams is doing is absolute madness. Stroll has a wild driving style and this could be dangerous!”

Villeneuve hopes that Stroll will be wise enough to gradually learn and take pointers from Felipe Massa, his experienced team mate.

“Williams needs him (Felipe Massa) more than ever,” said Villeneuve.

“I guess Felipe knows already that he’s going to be like a driving instructor for Stroll.”

    Stroll gears up for big time debut

Williams technical boss Rob Smedley said recently the team will give Stroll time to get up to speed in F1, and the youngster agrees that he will need to adjust.

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“I have no expectations for this first race,” he told the Journal de Montreal in Melbourne.

“Finishing in the points would be nice, but I think it will take me half a season to understand how it really works.

“If it happens before that and I get good results from the start, I will be the first to be satisfied,” Stroll said.

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