– For those wondering when exactly former WWE Champion John Cena was injured Monday on RAW, it was when he delivered his unique version of a hip toss to Ken Kennedy. While the maneuver didn’t look any different from any other Cena hip toss, as soon as he got up he gave an arm drag to Kennedy and began talking to the referee immediately. Cena was forced to work the rest of the match with basically one arm.

– WWE will hold their final ECW/SmackDown! taping of the year on Sunday, December 30th at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia.

– Tickets will go on sale for WWE Armageddon, the company’s final pay-per-view of the year, on October 20th. They will be priced from $175 down to $25. WWE Armageddon takes place on December 16th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

– To update you on Hulk Hogan hosting the new “American Gladiators” on NBC, the deal has not yet been finalized; however, both sides have reached a verbal agreement. The series will be taped next month and will air as a midseason prime-time replacement.

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