For the first time in history, the officials were not the most hated whistle-blowers during a football game.

That honor belonged to a Saints fan in Sunday’s NFC Championship matchup with the Rams — who (twist!) was not even blowing an actual whistle.

Saints-Rams watchers were going nuts on Twitter as the sound of a whistle accompanied just about every play at the Superdome, a New Orleans fan making as much noise as possible, and the world hearing it.

It turns out the fan is Leroy Mitchell, who goes by Whistle Monsta, whom the Times-Picayune profiled in 2016. He puts two fingers in his mouth to whistle — and it’s somehow louder than someone blowing an actual whistle.

“When this paint comes on, I turn into a completely different outrageous fan,” he said in the profile. “I do everything I can to support and make it as hard as possible [for the opponent] to win.”

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