— Dwayne Johnson has been announced as the recipient of the Action Star of the Year Award at the annual CinemaCon convention taking place later this month in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CinemaCon general manager Mitch Neuhauser says, “An exciting performer who first gained attention from audiences around the world when he developed the iconic character The Rock, Dwayne Johnson has taken his charismatic presence to the big screen and has proven over and over again that he can entertain audiences of all ages – whether it be an action-paced film or a family comedy.”

— Jim Ross is heading to Florida Championship Wrestling headquarters in Tampa, Florida today to assist WWE developmental talent.

— Matthew Bloom, who formerly competed as Prince Albert, Albert and A-Train for WWE, resurfaced as Lord Tensai on Monday’s Raw SuperShow as he decimated Alex Riley in a squash match. WWE announcer Michael Cole acknowledged Tensai as a former WWE Superstar who “became a huge international star in Japan.” He did not, however, make specific references to any of his prior personas. WWE.com subsequently published an article acknowledging his time as A-Train.

WWE.com writes, “The hulking warrior is in fact the WWE Superstar formerly known as A-Train, who competed in WWE for several years before embarking on a journey of self-discovery in Japan. Once he’d crossed the Pacific Ocean, he immersed himself in the Land of the Rising Sun, embracing a new culture, training regiment, and philosophy that seemingly caused him to forsake the customs of his native United States.”

Video and photos of Lord Tensai’s Raw debut