WWE Heat Report: 24th February 2008
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Josh Mathews
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Welcome. No Way Out was a great show. The whole Floyd Mayweather angle was a really nice surprise and the final Elimination Chamber was a great match. Although I’m gutted that Jeff Hardy didn’t win, I’m confident that he’ll be the next occupant of the Money in the Bank briefcase. Onto this week’s Heat and absence makes the heart grow fonder as Heat returns in the format we all know and love. Four matches on hand. Let’s not waste any more time and get things started.

Charlie Haas vs Hardcore Holly
Haas comes out in a black singlet with ‘Haas’ on it. Holly sports his World Tag Title belt. After flexing for the camera, Holly works the crowd by posing in the corner. Josh predicts this match will be mat based. Grisham brings up the brief Holly/Haas tag team from 2005. Holly starts with a side headlock and shoulder tackle. Holly counters a hiptoss attempt with two slams and an armdrag into an armbar. Haas takes Holly to the corner and lands some punches. Holly boots then lands three chest chops. Holly goes for a fourth but Haas ducks outside and underneath the ring. Holly looks for Haas as Josh remarks Haas has gone to the old convenience store. Sure enough, Haas re-emerges in a blue and silver singlet/mask combo. Apparently the mask is a confidence thing for Haas, according to the commentators. Back inside, Haas works over Holly with stomps, clubs, an Irish whip and battering ram in the corner. Haas punches Holly down into the ropes where Haas chokes him with his hands. After some more shots, Haas snapmares Holly then kicks him in the back for a nearfall. Haas drives a knee into the back then stretches Holly’s arms out. Holly gets up, boots free and counters a lunge with a half nelson slam. Haas reverses an Irish whip but Holly manages to send a charging Haas mask first into the corner. Holly goes up top but Haas meets him with a punch. Haas starts to climb, Holly thwarts a superplex attempt with a series of punches. Holly pulls the mask off as Haas falls to the mat. Holly connects with a top rope cross body. Holly ducks a clothesline and comes back with two shoves and a dropkick for a nearfall. Holly takes Haas to the corner to chop. Holly Irish whips but charges into an elbow. Haas looks at the mask on the floor before pulling out a black and white mask ala La Parka. Haas doesn’t get a chance to put it on as Holly attacks him from behind. With Haas slumped in the ropes, Holly delivers a gut kick, puts on the mask himself then catches Haas with the Alabama slam. Holly discards the mask as the referee counts 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: HARDCORE HOLLY. Post match, Holly gets his arm raised with his belt. Nice opener. Holly even showed some personality by putting on Haas’ second mask.

Melina vs Mickie James
Melina slaps herself on the ass as she does her splits entrance. Big pop for Mickie. Melina motions that Mickie wll feel the back of her hand. That wouldn’t be a bad thing. Melina applies a wristlock. Mickie cartwheels then monkey flips her way out for a one count. Mickie applies an armbar, Melina throws her down by the hair. Melina goes to run the ropes but Mickie hooks a leg and trips her. Mickie throws Melina down by the hair as a receipt for moments earlier. Mickie boots the gut, Melina reverses an Irish whip but charges into Mickie’s feet. Mickie then walks into Melina’s feet. Melina works over Mickie’s gut. After a running double kneelift to the gut in the corner and a kick, Mickie rolls onto the ring apron. Melina tugs Mickie back to the middle of the ring by the hair then lifts her up and throws her down by the hair. Grisham points out that there is currently no Number 1 contender in the Women’s division and the field is wide open. Melina lies Mickie against the second turnbuckle then crashes down with both knees into Mickie’s gut for a nearfall. After tugging Mickie away from the corner again by the hair, Melina locks in a bodyscissors. Melina also wraps her arms around Mickie’s throat as Mickie gets up. With Melina on her back, Mickie falls backwards. Melina gets up first and ends up winning a forearm exchange. A boot sends Mickie out onto the apron again. Melina pulls Mickie back up by the hair but Mickie manages to hit a modified stunner across the top rope before coming back in, catching Melina with a headscissors. Mickie hits a clothesline and backelbow for a nearfall. Melina gets a gut kick in. Mickie ducks underneath Melina coming off the ropes and lands a thesz press with punches. Mickie fires up, ducks a clothesline, boots the gut and hits the MickDDT. (implant DDT). It’s lights out for Melina. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: MICKIE JAMES. Post match, Mickie bows to the crowd, blows a kiss down to the unconscious Melina then leaves. Solid action from the Divas.

Lance Cade w/Trevor Murdoch vs Brian Kendrick w/Paul London
Both respective partners accompany the participants in street clothes although London sports the Londrick shirt over his. London runs down to the ring, but Kendrick opts to walk. For someone with a foot injury, London seemed to run fine. I shouldn’t be so sceptical. Get well soon London so we can see you back in action. Grisham notes a 100Ib mis-match in Cade’s favour. Kendrick swings kicks to begin, sending Cade cowering to the outside. Murdoch offers advice, Cade gets back in, Kendrick rolls under Cade and gets two kicks in to the back of Cade’s leg. Cade grabs Kendrick, throws him to the corner and punishes him with a forearm and hard Irish whip. Kendrick crashes to the mat. Cade follows up with a backbreaker. Kendrick uses the ropes to get up. Cade pushes Kendrick into the ropes and quickly drills him with a punch to the back. Cade places Kendrick in the ropes and jawjacks with the front row who are chanting for Kendrick. Cade remarks that Kendrick isn’t doing so well. Kendrick tries to punch back but Cade cuts him off with a stomp and back suplex for a nearfall. London tries to rally Kendrick as Cade applies an abdominal stretch. London thumps the mat with his hands to frustrate Cade and Murdoch and try to rally the crowd. The desired effects are achieved as Cade breaks the hold by punching Kendrick in the gut. Kendrick struggles to his feet in the corner. Cade clubs the back then wastes time playing to the booing crowd and Murdoch. Cade rakes Kendrick’s face, drives two knees into his back then re-applies the abdominal stretch. London energetically wills Kendrick on once more as Cade breaks the hold again to attempt another backbreaker. Kendrick slips behind, catching Cade in a backslide for a nearfall. The crowd come alive and are really into this. Kendrick lands some kicks to the back of Cade’s legs. Cade reverses an Irish whip but charges into Kendrick’s feet. Kendrick lands a flying forearm from the second rope then a leg lariat (heel kick) for a nearfall. Kendrick attempts Sliced Bread #2 but Cade pushes him face first into the corner. Kendrick staggers back into Cade but instinctively manages to hit a jawbreaker followed by an enziguiri kick. Kendrick heads up top and hits a frog splash. Cover 1-2-no. Kendrick is in disbelief. Kendrick sits on Cade and applies a neck tie but Cade flips Kendrick off. Kendrick doesn’t allow Cade to get up as he connects with a low dropkick. Kendrick steps out onto the apron but misses with a springboard cross body attempt. A groggy Cade collects himself then hits his sit down spinebuster for the 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: LANCE CADE. Post match, London tends to Kendrick trying to revive him as Murdoch raises Cade’s arm. This was really good and will more than likely be a contender for Heat Match of the Year come years end. I’d love to see these two teams re-ignite their feud and have some good matches. However these would have to be on Heat rather than Raw as Heat would allow them more time. I’m glad Kendrick didn’t get squashed like he undeservedly does on Raw.

Carlito vs Cody Rhodes
Main Event time. Carlito comes out sporting that fed up look on his face. Conspicuous by its absence is Carlito’s apple. Rhodes receives a positive response as he slaps hands on his way out. Carlito starts off quickly with a boot, several clubs to the back, a head ram in the corner, another boot and punch. Carlito pauses and the crowd cheer. Not the desired effect there methinks. Carlito goes to throw Rhodes over the top rope but Rhodes skins the cat back in and dropkicks Carlito. Rhodes boots the gut then goes for a DDT but Carlito manages to bail to the outside. Rhodes follows Carlito out, surprising him with a slap to the chest followed by a forearm. Back inside Carlito regains the advantage with a boot, club and Irish whip. Carlito charges, Rhodes backdrops him out onto the apron. Rhodes lands a punch counter. Rhodes rams Carlito’s head into the corner. Carlito gets in an elbow to the head before snapping Rhodes’ back against the top rope. Rhodes favours his neck as Carlito scores with a nearfall. Following a chop in the corner, Carlito delivers a twisting neckbreaker for a nearfall. Carlito applies a chinlock. Rhodes goes to back Carlito into the corner before dropping to his knees and throwing Carlito off. Rhodes gets up in the corner. Carlito advances into a couple of punches. Rhodes hits a diving clothesline off the ropes, a side russian legsweep and a head ram in the corner. Rhodes goes for a bulldog but Carlito pushes him into the ropes and forearms the back. Carlito goes for a back suplex, Rhodes rolls back and hits a running bulldog. 1-2-no. Close but no cigar Cody. Carlito reverses an Irish whip no Rhodes gets a second reversal. Carlito floats over a charge, Rhodes blocks a backstabber attempt by holding on to the corner. Rhodes covers for a cheeky nearfall. Rhodes sends Carlito off the ropes but puts his head down allowing Carlito to boot, spin him around and nail the backstabber at the second attempt. Rookie mistake there by Rhodes and it costs him. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: CARLITO. Post match, Carlito gets his arm raised and shows no emotion as he heads outside, picks up an apple that’s seemingly just appeared by the ringsteps and tucks into it on his way to the back. Another good match to finish things off this week while furthering the current World Tag Title feud a little.

Grisham thanks us for watching to end the show.

Best Match: Lance Cade vs Brian Kendrick.
Worst Match: None.
Show Verdict: Four well worked, entertaining matches this week. Nothing bad. Thumbs up. Heat should be this good every week.

See you next week. Shaun. If anyone wants to sound off, chew the fat or talk wrestling get in touch. Comments/praise/feedback/criticism/discussion points please direct to shaunmb1@hotmail.com.