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October 6, 2019


The cell is red once again and it is lowered down and looks HUGE with these two women inside. Sasha right off the bat hits the champion and throws Becky into the cell before it is fully lowered!!! She throws her underneath the cell and to the outside, then delivering a suplex on the outside! The cell fully lowers and the two women are on the outside of it, and then Sasha throws Becky into the cell!

Sasha finally goes inside the door of the cell as Becky is worse for wear on the outside. Becky starts to gloat on the inside, then comes back out for Becky but Becky slams the door shut back in Sasha’s face. The two women make it back in the ring and the cell door is shut and going to be locked….but Becky grabs the chain to be used to padlock the door shut!! The referee protests as Becky wraps the chain around her fist as she hits Becky in the stomach with it and Sasha rolls out of the ring. Becky follows and sends Sasha into the steel steps!

Becky starts to look around for another way to hurt Sasha and eventually puts a table in the ring! She gets up and turns around right into a chair shot by Sasha Banks! Becky is out now and she finds a ladder and sets it up against the cell. She turns around to Becky throwing a steel chair in the face of Sasha Banks! Becky gets in the ring hits a baseball slide to Sasha, bouncing Sasha’s head off the steel cage wall. She does it two more times then goes to the outside to get Sasha.

Sasha gets her its about her and tosses Becky right into the propped up ladder! Becky is propped up on it like a turnbuckle and then Sasha runs off the apron and delivers a Meteora, crushing the head of Becky onto the ladder. Becky tries to get away and makes It to the door of the cage, but Sasha follows and puts Becky’s arm between the door and the entrance. She starts to slam the door shut on the arm of Becky, repeatedly crushing the arm of Becky!

Sasha goes back in the ring and puts the arm/hand of Becky in between a chair and stomps on it! She tries to go for the cover, but Becky kicks out! Sasha goes to the outside and puts a chair hanging on the side of the cage, but the time she took allows Becky to recover and follow, delivering a Bex-Ploder into the cage!

Back in the ring now, and Becky bulldogs Sasha right onto an open chair! OUCH. She climbs to the top and Sasha grabs a chair and goes after Becky, but Becky dropkicks it into the face of Sasha! Becky goes for the cover but Sasha somehow kicks out. Sasha rolls out of the ring and Becky is EXTREMELY frustrated. She follows Sasha to the outside and Sasha has somehow found herself a kendo stick! She starts to hit Becky in the midsection with it and then lodges it in the corner of the cell. She finds another kendo stick and lodges it in the corner as well.

Becky comes back and starts to throw Becky into the kendo sticks and slams her head into it. She grabs a chair and puts it on top of the kendo sticks, lodged on the corner like a stool. She puts Sasha on there, and Sasha is just sitting on it, out like a light. Becky gets on the apron and says her prayers, as she runs off the apron and delivers a running dropkick, crushing Sasha between the cell and then crashing to the mats!

Becky throws her back in and the crowd starts to chant for tables and Becky agrees! She sets up the table and puts Sasha on the top, looking to superplex her off! Sasha fights Becky off and Becky falls on her feet in front of the table. Sasha thinks fast and she hits Becky with a meteora through the tables! She goes for the cover….1……2……….Becky kicks out!!

Sasha CANNOT believe it and she goes BACK to the outside to grab a chair…no wait….two chairs….no……she grabs chair after chair after chair and throws it to the inside of the ring. Sasha climbs on the top and looks to demolish Becky, but she has taken too much time. Becky follows Sasha up to the top and hits a Bex-Ploder to Sasha onto the chairs! She locks in the Dis-Arm-Her on top of the chairs and Sasha is forced to tap out! Great match!!

Winner AND STILL Raw Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch

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Report By Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com

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