Thanks to reader Chris Brownell for sending in these results!

RTruth defeats Tyler Breeze
Heath Slater versus Jimmy USO.There was a dance off in the middle of this.USO
way over and wins the match via superkick. Slater throws fit and demands
another oponnent. Neville comes out and wins in two minutes.
Rusev with Summer Rae defeats Mark Henry with accolade.
Dudley Boys versus New Day versus Prime a time Players. This was a fun match
with New Day Winning. Dudley’s put Kofi through a table.
Charlotte and Becky Lynch defeat Team Badd.
Kevin Owens versus Ryback who was way over. Owens is disqualified with a poke
to the eyes.

Roman Reigns and Randy Orton versus Wyatt Family. Huge pops for Reigns and sn
even Louder one for the hometown boy Orton. Action packed match with Orton
getting the win with an RKO. This was a great match. Orton spent about 10
minutes High fiving and taking pictures at ringside…Fun show