WWE NXT Results
January 23, 2019

— Full Sail University is FIRED UP tonight as Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the building for the last time before NXT Takeover: Phoenix. We see shots of Johnny Gargano making his way into the arena, but we’re heading down to the ring as The Velveteen Dream is about to speak for the first time since November.

— Velveteen Dream has arrived, and the crowd is going crazy for him. He says the sparkle in his eye tonight is the sparkle of championship gold. Specifically, the NXT North American Championship. He was very quickly cut off by the music of The Undisputed Era, as Adam Cole and Bobby Fish make their way to ringside. Cole talked about how he and Fish are going to win gold in 2019 and TUE will hold all of the titles. Fish took the mic and laid claim to the North American title as well, but Dream cut him off and said he’s here to “dispute” that claim — that is, if Cole gives him permission. Fish rushed the ring but Dream sent him flying over the ropes, and the Undisputed Era bailed up the ramp.


Barthel and Aichner isolated Lorcan after some early, explosive offense from the babyfaces, and slowed things down as they built up to the hot tag. Burch eventually got it and cleaned house,  delivering nasty uppercuts, chops and dropkicks. Aichner hit him with a RIDICULOUS clothesline that turned him damn near inside out, followed by a Brainbuster as Barthel flew through the ropes to take Lorcan down on the outside.

Aichner, and remember this is a pretty solid mass of humanity, shocked everyone with a beautiful double springboard moonsault, leaping effortlessly from one set of ropes to the next with ease. Lorcan made the save and the babyfaces applied simultaneous submissions, which led to an all-out brawl.

They did a series of dives to the outside which ended once again in Aichner going above and beyond (literally), busting out a Golden Triangle Frog Splash all the way to the floor just because he can. WOW. Just wow. Aichner tried to put the match away but Lorcan caught him with a schoolboy pin out of nowhere to sneak out the victory.

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

— Video package time! This time it’s on the rivalry between Johnny Gargano and Ricochet heading into their match for the NXT North American Championship. We’ll get that up on the site as soon as it’s available.


Io impresses immediately doing a backflip to avoid a clothesline and springboarding right into a shotgun dropkick. Her and Kairi run the field with some beautiful tag team combinations just picking apart Tanea Brooks, before the Pirate Princess connected with her Sliding D in the corner. She went for the elbow drop but Nova got on the apron to cut her off. She got in a few shots but Kairi quickly took her back down with a spear and made the tag to Shirai. The 619 connected followed by another springboard dropkick. Io then threw her partner into an elbow drop, and Kairi then returned the favor throwing Io into an assisted moonsault. That’ll do it!

Winners: Io Shirai & Kairi Sane

— Backstage the Japanese aces talk about how happy they are with their win, and how nobody can beat them as a team. Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke showed up and told them not to get comfortable.


Dream went for the DVD early but had to settle for a dropkick. He delivered a double axe handle from the second rope and again went for his finisher, but Fish rolled outside and recouped with Adam Cole to catch his breath. Dream wouldn’t let him rest, dropkicking them both and coming off the top with another double axe, all the way to the floor. Shades of the Macho Man, oohh yeaahh!

While Dream did his best to shake off the outside interference of Undisputed Era, eventually it got the best of him and Fish sent him crashing into the barricade with a sickening Dragon Screw that may have done serious damage to the knee. From there Fish went on the offensive, attacking the knee repeatedly while slowing things down with holds and submissions, putting pressure on the new injury throughout.

After several minutes Dream fights his way back into the match, hobbling to the top rope on one knee before flying into a missile dropkick. Now hurting and clearly pissed off, he started delivering numerous slaps and kicks in the corner until the referee physically stopped him. Fish fired up but ran right into a picture-perfect, Arn Anderson-esque Spinebuster! Again he slowly climbed to the top rope, connected with the Purple Rainmaker, but Fish caught him out of the air into a kneebar!

Dream writhed in pain, screaming out as he flopped around in the kneebar. They teased a submission until the referee finally saw that Adam Cole was helping his partner cheat. They argued with the ref until Dream caught his opponent with the Dream Valley Driver! He went up top again, and this time the Purple Rainmaker finds its mark for the 1…2…3.

Winner: Velveteen Dream


Ricochet came to the ring and talked about how Johnny Gargano was always a coward that only cared about his own miserable self, and in 2018 he just revealed his “true colors” to the world. Ricochet said in 2018 he also showed his true colors, proving he is something that Johnny Wrestling simply is not — a champion.

Johnny came to the ramp and said that 2018 Gargano would have rushed the ring like a madman, but… He still rushed the ring like a madman. The two brawled around the ring until Tommaso Ciampa came out of nowhere and blindsided Ricochet. Johnny looked conflicted about it at first but soon joined in on the beatdown.

Aleister Black ran out to make the save and brawled with Ciampa, but eventually Johnny returned the favor and came to his old partner’s aid. The crowd chanted “DIY” as the two cleaned house, dropping both Black and Ricochet and leaving them in the ring.

Ciampa and Gargano left up the ramp together but didn’t seem completely comfortable with each other. The crowd wanted them to “hug it out” and Ciampa slowly extended his hand. Before Johnny could do anything about it, Candice LeRae ran out and got in between them, taking her husband and dragging him to the back screaming “NO! NO! NO!” Tommy Entertainment was not happy about being denied.

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