Good afternoon everyone! This week’s edition of WWE RAW is currently being taped from the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England. We will be covering the event here at as it happens so keep refreshing this page for the latest updates.

Pre-RAW Notes:

– WWE will tape HEAT first, also there is a cage hanging above the ring so expect a cage match tonight.

– Crowd noise is said to be outrageous as the event is said to be sold out.

Programming Note: WWE RAW will air on tape delay in the United States in its normal slot on the USA Network at 9 PM Eastern.

– According to reports at the door security is confiscating all signs and banners.

– Lilian Garcia is working the television tapings. A video recap of WrestleMania 23 aired throughout the arena.

Dark Match:

The first match is said to be a dark match with Harry Smith receiving a win over Carlito. The crowd was hot for the match as Smith won with a running powerslam. The crowd was heavily behind Smith. Prior to the match Harry cut a promo, dedicating it to his late father.


– The HEAT opener was said to be a “standard women’s match” between Mickie James and Melina. Mickie won with a swinging DDT.

– The second match on HEAT featured Snitsky squashing Robbie Brookside, an English independent worker.

– The HEAT main event was “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Super Crazy vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin & Haas lost after Benjamin missed with the stinger splash. That concludes the taping of HEAT.

Another Pre-RAW Note:

According to our most recent report from inside the arena, there will be a Carlito’s Cabana segment on tonight’s show. They are doing some stuff about the “best signs” although most were confiscated at the door as we reported earlier. This is causing the crowd to heavily boo the contest.

WWE RAW Opening:

Tonight’s edition of RAW opens with a backstage segment of WWE Champion Randy Orton complaining to RAW General Manager William Regal about the upcoming Cyber Sunday pay-per-view. The opening pyro goes off with Regal in the ring. It looks as if Orton will face all three of his potential Cyber Sunday opponents on tonight’s show in singles matches. Jeff Hardy vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton is up first.

Match #1 – Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy:

Jeff dominates early but Randy Orton counters with a dropkick, sending the Intercontinental Champion from the ring apron to the floor. This will most likely take us to a commercial break tonight. Several headlocks throughout the match as Hardy battles back into the match with a Whisper in the Wind and a neckbreaker. Mr. Kennedy interferes, pushing Hardy off of the top rope. Orton is able to hit the RKO and win the match.

Winner – Randy Orton

Note From Richard – Due to the fact that I have lost contact with my source I am posting the rest of the results courtesy of

Santino comes out with Maria; insults Birmingham, England and the Condemned. That leads to Santino vs Val Venis; squash match with Santino winning by using the ropes.

Carlito backstage. More Hornswoggle stuff here, with Coachman chasing Hornswoggle… Vince is backstage with Regal, and Vince insults the Queen and so on. Next match is Ken Kennedy vs Orton.

Ken Kennedy is a massive babyface in Birmingham and gets a reaction to suit that. Orton v Kennedy is “quite boring” (surprise!), and the crowd aren’t into it at all. Kennedy hits his wacky Green Bay Plunge (don’t know whether it was on the mat or off the top rope), but Jeff Hardy attacks Kennedy for the DQ, hitting a swanton. Shawn Michaels appears on screen and gets the loudest pop of the night.

They played the Timbaland music video with all the Divas in… Andy Simmonz (British guy) is in the ring, and Vince comes out to a huge pop. They announce HHH vs Umaga for Cyber Sunday, with the first choice being a street fight, . Out comes Umaga, who destroys Simmonz in a street fight.

They announce choice #2: a first blood match. Umaga gives Simmonz a few Samoan spikes, and Umaga wins the first blood match between the pair. The final choice is a cage match: we now have Umaga v Simmonz in a cage.

Vince spent the series of matches calling Simmonz “HHH” (only the noses are similar). Simmonz took a lot of sick bumps to the head in the cage match – it’d be surprising if he didn’t have some sort of concussion after this. Umaga won, obviously.

Maria out for the kiss-cam as they change the canvas (I think there must have been lot of blood from Simmonz)…

There’s a skit with Coachman chasing Hornswoggle on bikes. Enter Ron Simmons, you know the rest.

Jillian Hall insults Lilian Garcia and sings the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”. They plug Lilian’s CD, and Jillian v Candice is next. Candice wins with the Unprettier in three moves.

Backstage now with Cody Rhodes. Hardcore Holly walks up to him, and Cody says he just wants respect. Holly slaps Cody, and that match is on next.

Out come Highlanders to insult England… Cande and Murdoch come out for commentary as we have Brian Kendrick vs Rory McAllister. Rory wins with a slingshot suplex – dead crowd for a poor match.

No Mercy recap now, followed by Rhodes v Holly (they must have aired the “UP NEXT” pre-tape a little early).

But first, another series of distractions. Shawn Michaels promo saying he’ll kick Randy Orton’s teeth down his throat as he encourages people to vote for him at the PPV.

Another Hornswoggle promo, this time in the diva’s locker room, followed by “a long save_us.222 promo”. Hornswoggle reaches the ring, chased by Coachman who has a box of TNT, which doesn’t work. Hornswoggle goes under the ring, followed by Coachman. Hornswoggle “blows” the TNT… it was as bad as it sounded.

Regal announces (off camera) that the post show dark match is going to be HHH vs Umaga in a street fight…

Hardcore Holly beats Cody Rhodes with the Alabama Slam. Crowd was largely dead for that.

Main event is up next: HBK vs Orton. Shawn doesn’t look comfortable at all with his knees. Shawn wins in DQ after 5 mins – he hits an elbow off the top, but Kennedy runs in for the interference. Jeff Hardy comes out, and Raw ends with Shawn hitting sweet chin music.

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