The WWE has been having an annual roster cut during the months of June-July due to budget reasons as well as other reasons. According to a recent report by Pro Wrestling Sheet, Uriel Ealy of The Ealy Brothers Tag Team in NXT has been released from the WWE.
The article indicates that Uriel Ealy was let go from the company last week. It is unclear why only one half of the Ealy Brothers Tag Team was released, but Gabriel Ealy recently talked about having “24 hour migraines” on Instagram, so it sounds like he is currently dealing with the effects of a head injury. 
The Ealys signed with WWE in 2015. They were last seen on NXT TV in January of this year wrestling in a match against TM-61. After the new broke out, Ashley Ealy, Uriel’s wife, took to social media and commented on her husband’s release by saying that it was a blessing, as seen below:

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