The following results are provided by Doug Enriquez for as a part of our complete WWE Royal Rumble live coverage.

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Gable tries for a single leg take down, but Sheamus just shrugs him off. Gable grabs the arm of Sheamus, but Sheamus gives Gable a right forearm and then wrenches on the arm of Gable. Gable tries to fight loose, but Sheamus grabs the hair of Gable and slams him to the mat.

Sheamus picks up Gable and puts him in the corner before nailing him with a European uppercut. Sheamus sends Gable off the rope and Gable runs at him before delivering a high crossbody, sending both men up and over the ropes.

Back in the ring now, Sheamus gains control again and sends Gable shoulder first into the ringpost. Sheamus doesn’t stop there and picks up Gable to deliver a shoulder breaker on Gable. Sheamus starts to stomp away on the should of Gable, but Gable fights up and delivers some chops to Sheamus, but Sheamus hits Gable with a back elbow, taking Gable down to the mat.

Sheamus starts to work the hand and wrist of Gable as he screams in pain. Sheamus has seemed to have gone to the Marty Scurll school of joint manipulation as he works on the fingers of Gable continuously. Gable fights out, but Sheamus kicks Gable out onto the apron before delivering his 10 Beats of the Bodrhan, but he doesn’t stop at 10! He continues to beat down Gable before yelling “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED” to the crowd.

Gable starts to fight back and hits two flipping bicycle kicks to Sheamus before stomping away on the left leg of Sheamus. Gable goes up top and tries for a moonsault, but Sheamus up and catches him. He looks to slam him, but Gable reverses into a DDT and plants Sheamus! Sheamus gets up and Gable pushes Sheamus into the corner before rolling through and delivering his German Suplex with a pin, but Sheamus just barely kicks out at 2.

Sheamus tries to fight up and hit a crucifix back breaker, but Gable reverses into a crucifix pin, but only gets a two count. Sheamus gets up and NAILS Gable with his Brogue Kick to pick up the victory out of nowhere.

Winner: Sheamus