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WWE Smackdown Results
October 17, 2017
Report by Mike Killam for ProWrestling.com

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– Michael Cole welcomes us to WWE Smackdown Live alongside Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Apparently Tom Phillips is “on assignment” and will be out the next few weeks, so the boys are back together! 


We are in Washington tonight, the birthplace and home of Daniel Bryan, and the Smackdown GM got a massive ovation to kick off the show. He told everyone to calm down, because the show’s only two hours long and he had business to get to. Bryan announced a six-woman tag team match, as well as an address from WWE Champion Jinder Mahal later tonight. 

Sami Zayn interrupted the segment and came out, dancing sarcastically all the way to the ring. Bryan wants to know what happened to the Sami that he’s known for more than 13 years. Zayn tells him nothing has changed, he’s still a great guy and an amazing professional wrestler – taking a shot at DB’s inability to wrestle anymore – all that’s different is he realized the fans just didn’t live up to their end of the “unspoken contract”. He talked about doing everything Bryan did, being a great wrestler, the ultimate underdog, fighting against authority – the fans just didn’t get behind him the way they did with the YES! Movement. Sami put over Daniel as a once in a lifetime performer and the leader of his generation, but noted that it’s just sad watching him turning into a bored housewife. 

Kevin Owens decided to make his presence felt, joining the other two in the ring. He talked about how happy he was that his best friend had finally seen the light and embraced everything he’s been saying their entire journey together. KO called Bryan a whining martyr that’s no better than being “Mr. Bella”. Sami brought up that DB has become the one thing he spent his entire career in WWE fighting against: The Authority. Eventually Bryan had enough of listening to them trash his legacy. He turned to leave, then said he was heading to the back to find a couple of dudes who wanted to punch Owens and Sami in the face. 


Carmella and James Ellsworth were on commentary for this match. Naomi controlled early on and connected with a dive to the outside, taking out everyone but Lana who barely escaped. Becky tagged in but the champion wanted nothing to do with her and rolled to the outside as they cut to commercial break. When the show came back Lana had Naomi in a side headlock, taking a break to knock Lynch off the apron just to anger the babyfaces. She spent a bit too much time taunting and got caught with a roll-up for two, and Charlotte finally got the hot tag. Flair fired off with a series of chops to the Ravishing Russian and that signature Nature Boy knee drop. She looked to sink in the Figure Eight but the obligatory six-way brawl broke out. Everyone hit their finishers leading in Lana getting an O’Conner roll on Flair for a close nearfall. Charlotte locked in the Figure Eight this time, picking up the submission win. 

Winners: Charlotte, Becky & Naomi

After the match Natalya pulled Flair out of the ring and slammed her hard into the announce table. She went for a steel chair but Charlotte came back and stole it from her, sending the champion running up the ramp to safety. 

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