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We kick off the show with Miz TV, but The Usos make their way out first, saying they can’t wait for the champions to come out and start things off, especially after they got jumped last week. They claim they’re ready for the upcoming ladder match to be champions again.

They’re quickly interrupted by The New Day who asks if they heard them say they were going to win the Tag Team Championships. Big E says he knows these circumstances are unique, but it is still WrestleMania and they plan on taking the titles.

The two teams then bicker about who was going to win last week they then get interrupted by the champions who claim that they don’t get the respect they deserve. They say that as much as The Usos and New Day like to pretend they’re buddies when the competition sets in they tear each other apart.

That will lead them the opportunity to slowly climb the ladder, which they do. This leads to The Usos and New Day running up the ramp to try to take the fight to them as they all begin to brawl. However, it is the champions who come out on top, launching Big E into a ladder. They then pick up another and charge down the rest of their opponents, standing tall on top of the ladder once again.


Straight away both Lacey Evans and Naomi work together to attack Tamina, bringing her down effectively. However, an attempted roll-up ends with Tamina grabbing Naomi’s head to smash off the mat as Tamina then knocks down both Evans and Naomi off the ring apron to the floor.

Following commercial it is Naomi and Tamina breaking things down as Tamina wipes down Naomi with a huge clothesline as she remains in control, following it up with a headbutt. Naomi hits a huge springboard enziguri and Evans then returns to the ring, taking down Tamina with a clothesline.

Evans then leaps over the top rope, connecting with an elbow drop to Tamina, but Naomi follows up with a big boot to the head of Evans. Sasha Banks then chooses to get involved, launching Evans into the steel steps, but Naomi treats her to big kick to the head as well.

Naomi and Tamina then continue brawling in the ring, but Bayley then gets involved, hanging up Naomi on the ropes as she then turns straight into a Superkick by Tamina.

Winner: Tamina

After the match, Bayley tries to get on Tamina’s good side by shaking her hand, but she ends up eating a huge Superkick and when Banks tries the same thing she gets wiped out with a Samoan Drop.

Tucker is then shown warming up backstage for later tonight as Mandy Rose pops up to talk to him. Interestingly, the latest of the blue message logos flashes up during this segment. However, this time we don’t just get the envelope, we also get the words: “The Truth Will Be Heard.”

WWE then shows the full match from WWE WrestleMania 24 between Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair, which was the Nature Boy’s final WWE match.

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