January 3rd, 2020


We kick off the show with Daniel Bryan backstage as he is met by The Miz. He points out that there is nothing more he needs in this world than to avenge what The Fiend did to his family, claiming he is going to take away everything that he cares about.

Miz admits that Daniel Bryan beat him last week, and he earned the right to the Royal Rumble title match. So he only has one thing to say to him, which is that he needs to defeat The Fiend. Not just for him, but for everyone.


Before the match gets underway, Bayley gets on the microphone and says she is sure the fans have been thinking about their resolutions, but she knows that none of them are going to go through with it. She says the fans don’t have what it takes to make the positive changes in their lives.

Bayley says in 2019, she and Sasha Banks made tough changes and did what was necessary and now they are the leaders of the locker room. However before she can continue the champion is cut off by Lacey Evans, stating she doesn’t know what they are getting off on making fun of people, but she is here to set a positive impact and example.

Evans claims her resolution is to show not only her child but the WWE Universe that the bad guys can be stopped, even if the cards are stacked against you. Alexa Bliss and her partner then appear, with Bliss questioning if they even belong in the match. However, Nikki Cross confirms that they do if they want to get their Tag Team Championships back, so they are going to kickstart 2020 with a win.

As the match begins, Lacey Evans immediately goes after the Legit Boss who runs away and then just tags Nikki Cross in. Evans goes for several roll-up attempts early until she launches Nikki into the turnbuckles as she brings in her partner.

Dana Brooke is caught by Nikki though who sends Brooke into her corner, following up with a clothesline as Alexa Bliss tags in. Brooke catches Bliss with a slap but is then tagged by Sasha as Bayley drags Brooke to the outside. However, the champion is caught by Alexa who then hits Sasha with a series of strikes.

2020 could be The Year of BLISS. 😈😈#SmackDown @AlexaBliss_WWE @SashaBanksWWE pic.twitter.com/ZX96dZBUL9

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) January 4, 2020

Alexa continues to dominate Banks but isn’t aware that Bayley has made a blind tag and the heels take advantage of that. With Bayley ragging Bliss from the top rope setting up Sasha to hit the running knees in the corner. The inaugural tag team champions smartly then isolate Alexa, controlling her.

Banks takes out Cross in the corner and then follows up with a dropkick to Alexa back in the ring. Both Brooke and Evans end up being taken out to the outside by Sasha and Bayley which leads to Nikki Cross diving on them all on the outside with a crossbody.

However, Sasha smartly avoids it and then sends Banks crashing into the steel stairs. As we return from commercial it is Dana Brooke dominating though, taking out the heels in the corner with a suplex and then a drop onto Banks, but Bayley and Sasha smartly regain control.

Bayley then keeps Brooke in her corner with several forearms until Banks tags back in and leaps in with a boot to the face for good measure. Bayley then returns and pretends to do her Bayley Buddies pose before hitting a clothesline to Brooke but instead slaps Evans off the ring apron.

Sasha then returns and takes down Brooke once again, but Brooke continues to fight back and hits another suplex to Sasha, taking her out, eventually bringing Evans in. The Sassy Southern Bell catches Bayley with a huge kick to the chest, sending the champion across the ring.

She then follows up by driving her body into Bayley as she perches on the bottom turnbuckle, but as she goes for the moonsault, Banks pulls Bayley away. As the champion returns, Bayley hits Bayley to Belly but the rest of the women stop the pinfall as Nikki and Alexa work together to get rid off Dana.

However, Bayley and Banks then deal with the former champions until Bayley is launched out of the ring. Brooke smartly grabs the foot of Bayley dragging her out, but Banks goes for a roll-up while all that goes down.

Lacey Evans smartly kicks out and rocks Sasha with a Woman’s Right that is followed by a Senton from Dana Brooke as they pick up the win after an excellent match.

#TheBoss is down and @DanaBrookeWWE is on the rise.

Is this a sign of things to come for the new year? #SmackDown @SashaBanksWWE @LaceyEvansWWE pic.twitter.com/DI4rVVAnqA

— WWE (@WWE) January 4, 2020

Winners: Lacey Evans & Dana Brooke

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