By James Cox,

The Big Takeaway:

R-Truth dispensed with Adam Rose yet again while the comic book caper from SummerSlam continued when Neville & The Lucha Dragons beat Stardust & The Ascension. Xavier Woods was a welcome addition on commentary.

R-Truth beat Adam Rose (3:51)

It would seem that this feud must continue. Adam Rose came out to do another boring pre-match promo, running down Tampa and saying that he was going to spoil their fun. After some cheerleading from Truth they lock up and chain wrestle until Truth puts his hand up to stop Rose in his tracks so that he can jiggle and thrust at thin air. He then hip tosses Rose and they exchange slaps.

Rose then takes over, slowing things down. He goes to work on Truth’s left leg by first hooking it over the bottom rope for leverage and then, after some work on the lower back, by using a Stretch Muffler. The latter was a move that I’ve never seen Rose do and I don’t know what was more cool: the fact that he was using it here in a 4-minute match on Superstars or that Xavier Woods actually called the move on commentary. This was just one of the reasons as to why Woods was a GREAT addition to the announce booth on this show.

Elbows from Truth allow him to get out of the hold. Rose then hits a swinging neckbreaker, and gets a two count from the cover. Truth then goes for a backslide cover himself but when Rose kicks out and gets up, he hits the Lie Detector for the win. 

The Lucha Dragons & Neville beat The Ascension & Stardust (6:10)

Sin Cara and Stardust (in a sleeveless onesie) start things off. Sin Cara uses a springboard hip toss and then tags in Kalisto who arrives full of arm drags. The ring immediately fills, possibly because someone looked at someone else the wrong way (though, we’re never actually told) and there’s lots of pointing so we head to a break.

The Ascension are working over Sin Cara when we return. Sin Cara hits a springboard moonsault and then picks Viktor up onto his shoulders and uses a rolling senton to plant him in his corner of the ring. Kalisto then tags in and hits him with a splash into a cover for two.

Kalisto hits enziguris on Viktor and Konnor on the apron but an attempt at a springboard move is scouted by Viktor, who pulls the ropes so that Kalisto falls flat on his face. All three men then take the advantage and pummel Kalisto. Konnor slaps on a headlock and when Kalisto tries to get out, he blind tags Viktor. They double-team him with Konnor holding his head and punching him while Viktor kicks him in the back. Stardust comes back in and scoop slams Kalisto. Kalisto then gets up and is able to leapfrog Stardust to finally get Neville in for the hot tag. 

Neville is all pace and explodes into the ring to missile drop kick both Konnor and Stardust off the apron. He then attacks Viktor with kicks, a flying forearm and a standing shooting star press. At this, the ring fills, with Konnor and Stardust getting sent over the top rope. The Lucha Dragons take them out with suicide dives so that in the ring Neville is able to hit the Red Arrow on Viktor for the win.