By James Cox,

The Big Takeaway: They’re looking at life after Tyson Kidd for Cesaro who for the past two weeks has showcased new move-sets and got a great babyface reaction. Cesaro and Harper have a good match, while the Lucha Dragons have a fun 4-minute bout against the decidedly thrown-together team of Heath Slater and Bo Dallas.

The Lucha Dragons beat Heath Slater & Bo Dallas (4:42)

Kalisto and Dallas start things with a quick hip toss and kip up from Kalisto. A springboard corkscrew elbow from Kalisto ruffles Dallas who then responds by just booting Kalisto in the midriff. Dallas goes outside for victory lap and Slater jumps down to pat him on the back. This leads to stereo dives from the Lucha Dragons. They roll Dallas back in and Kalisto hits a basement dropkick on Dallas. Dallas gets up and clotheslines Kalisto, lands knees to the back of his head, goes for cover but can only get two.

Slater tags in and they team up on Kalisto with a double suplex. Kalisto kicks out of the cover and Slater puts on a chin lock. Slater uses a snap mare, tags Dallas in who repeats his clothesline and cover combination that again doesn’t work. He goes back to the chin lock. Kalisto works his way out but Dallas grabs him for a side suplex to stop Kalisto getting to Sin Cara for the hot tag.

Kalisto is eventually able to kick Dallas and both men make tags. Sin Cara gets the heat with a spingboard crossbody, a senton and then a fireman’s carry. Dallas breaks the pin attempt up and tries to throw Kalisto out the ring, but Kalisto uses a handspring kick and sends Dallas outside. Sin Cara hits Slater with an enziguri, goes up to top and hits a senton bomb and then Kalisto lands a 450 splash for the win.

Cesaro beat Luke Harper via submission (6:56)

For the last few weeks, Cesaro has been in singles action on this show and has got great reactions and looked like a real star. His offense looks different at times and he’s trying out a lot of new things that look really impressive. Here, once again, he was great to watch. You just have to hope that they pull the trigger on him as a singles star pretty soon.

They start up with lots of roll ups and small packages, until Cesaro breaks things up with European uppercuts. Then a huge slap from Harper knocks the wind out of Cesaro, and Harper puts on a claw hold. A big clothesline from Cesaro, followed by a dropkick sends Harper outside and a suicide dive from Cesaro sees him climb on top of the announce table to pose for huge babyface pop.

Back in the ring, Cesaro goes up top, for a cross body and tries a cover but Harper kicks out. Jimmy Uso points out here, rightly, just how different Cesaro looks here with a few new moves and changing things up slightly. Its great to watch and very refreshing. Cesaro goes for the giant swing and the crowd is excited by the prospect but unfortunately it never happens as it is stopped by Harper grabbing the bottom rope. The ref breaks them up and Harper uses the distraction to thumb Cesaro to the eye. He then smacks him with a big boot, covers him for two and we head to the break.

Harper has chin lock on when we return. Out of an Irish whip Cesaro hits Harper with a big boot, tries a sunset flip but it is blocked and Harper is able to land him with a fallaway slam. When Cesaro kicks out of the cover, Harper beats him down in the corner. Then Cesaro gets up and hits him with a springboard corkscrew forearm and a cover attempt. He then runs into Harper’s knees and a big boot, followed by a power bomb, for a false finish kick out.

Harper tries a modified Lebell lock, but a schoolboy by Cesaro breaks it up. Harper then uses a hurricanrana into a superkick, goes for a meat hook clothesline but it is reversed into a wraparound wrist clutch head scissors with an inside cradle for the win. This was a very good, creative match.