Submitted by Rohan Unrau

Byron Saxton was our host/ ring announcer.

– Big Show def. Erick Rowan

The Vintner came to the ring accompanied by Braun Strowman. Roughly 5 minutes of clumsy power spots with interference from Stroman backfiring, leading to the knockout punch on Rowan for the pin.  Show chokeslammed Stroman after.  Basically a squash with some quick heat spots.

– Epico def. Sin Cara

Both Colons came out and did some old-school local city trash talking, saying how great Puerto Rico is. Another quick match, Sin Cara botched a rana within the first 20 seconds, but no one seemed to care. Epico won with a distraction roll-up. A bit more entertaining than the opener.

– Cesaro def. Baron Corbin 

Uppercuts, swing, sharpshooter.  Not much else to this.

– WWE Tag Champions The New Day def. The Vaudevillians

New Day was the 2nd most over act of the night after Jericho. This match was almost an exact duplicate of the Extreme Rules match.

– During intermission, Saxton plugs Money In The Bank on the Network, and didn’t mention $9.99 since in Canada, it’s $11.99.

– Paige, Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks vs. Dana Brooke, Lana and Summer Rae 

Babyfaces win when Sasha tapped out Summer with the Bank Statement.

– U.S. Champion Rusev vs. Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio

ADR was quite over and got the “Ci” chant going a few times. ADR hits the Tree Of Woe stomp on Kalisto, Rusev throws ADR out of the ring and instantly slaps on the Accolade and torques back for the immediate tap.  My favorite match of the night. Both Lucha Dragons lost, leading to a “Loser Dragons” chant.  Get that t-shirt ready.

– Street Fight: Chris Jericho vs. Dean Ambrose

Jericho comes out first to a huge pop, and was a total babyface the whole match. He got on the mike immediately and put over Winnipeg, talked about growing up here, gave a backhanded compliment to Winnipeg’s old crappy arena that was torn down years ago.  He told the story of the origins of “I’m from Winnipeg You idiot.”  In the middle of his catchphrase, Ambrose’s music hit.  He has a great heel run in him as he embraced the heel role. 

They did a few kendo stick and chair spots. That’s about as hardcore as it got. They had about 15 minutes, and Jericho won with a chair-assisted codebreaker.  After, he got back on the mike and finished his ‘neeeever eeeeeever’ catchphrase.

Pretty entertaining, albeit predictable show. I estimate the house was probably around 6000 people, about 60-65% were children, so of course, all the babyfaces were super over.