Just recently, photos of Cody Rhodes & Rey Mysterio onboard Chris Jericho’s Cruise was posted on social media. Also on Jericho’s Cruise, The Young Bucks took on LAX and it was said to be an amazing match. For those who weren’t able to attend, Fite will be streaming The Sea Of Honor Tournament Matches & Alpha Club (Chris Jericho & The Young Bucks) vs. Bullet Club (Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega & Marty Scurll) on November 3rd at 8PM ET for $24.99. You can check out the photos below of The Young Bucks taking on LAX onboard Chris Jericho’s Cruise:

#JerichoCruise SCU! pic.twitter.com/ikVurVN0kl
— SuperKicking It With Kelsi (@superkickingit) October 27, 2018

#JerichoCruise these are not the REAL boys ???? pic.twitter.com/XM0jon1W26
— SuperKicking It With Kelsi (@superkickingit) October 27, 2018

#JerichoCruise pic.twitter.com/t5ZCFOytkd
— SuperKicking It With Kelsi (@superkickingit) October 27, 2018

Every cruise needs a Villain #JerichoCruise pic.twitter.com/vKMoIrIpeA
— SuperKicking It With Kelsi (@superkickingit) October 28, 2018

LAX vs Bucks was an amazing match #JerichoCruise pic.twitter.com/ozcSv36CV9
— SuperKicking It With Kelsi (@superkickingit) October 28, 2018

Don Callis is said to also be on Jericho’s cruise and reportedly took another shot at Kenny Omega as he stopped to take a photo with someone who he claimed to be “Kenny Omega.” Callis first turned on Omega last weekend at a Premier Championship Wrestling Show in Winnipeg. After Callis’ attack, Omega said that he would see him “on the cruise.” You can check out the tweets below showing everything that has transpired between Don Callis & Kenny Omega over the past few days:

Me and @KennyOmegamanX pic.twitter.com/UCdwlUNDyN
— Super Elitist (@CyrusOverHuge) October 27, 2018

Still can’t believe Don Callis showed up last night. Just giving it to Kenny. @PCWLegacy #TheOne #Winnipeg pic.twitter.com/HFO8C7j6fZ
— Prestige Worldwide! (@Sneekycactus) October 20, 2018

See you on the cruise. https://t.co/2etaLBy2g6
— Kenny Omega (@KennyOmegamanX) October 20, 2018

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