Food-delivery app, Zomato, on June 3, made changes to its parental leave policies. For women across the 13 countries it has presence, Zomato will be offering 26 weeks paid leave, or will follow the government mandated policy, whichever is more.

In a landmark move, the 26-week leaves will be extended to men as well.

“One core issue that leads to fewer women leaders in organisations, the community, and the nation is the lack of universal paid parental leave. Currently, it is hard for women to lead a healthy family life and focus on their careers, leading to a lot of women leaving their jobs or putting their careers on the back burner. This results in a pressing lack of diversity across all levels of the organisation, and needs to be solved proactively,” Deepinder Goyal, founder of Zomato said in a blogpost.

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A lot of imbalance is seen in leaves extended to men and women when they welcome their child to the world.

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